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Latest Cisco 300-710 SNCF Exam Questions

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An organization has seen a lot of traffic congestion on their links going out to the internet. There is a Cisco Firepower device that processes all of the traffic going to the internet prior to leaving the enterprise. How is the congestion alleviated so that legitimate business traffic reaches the destination?

A. Create a NAT policy so that the Cisco Firepower device does not have to translate as many addresses.

B. Create a flex config policy to use WCCP for application-aware bandwidth limiting.

C. Create a QoS policy rate-limiting high bandwidth applications.

D. Create a VPN policy so that direct tunnels are established to the business applications.

Correct Answer: C


Which process should be checked when troubleshooting registration issues between Cisco FMC and managed devices to verify that secure communication is occurring?

A. fpcollect

B. dhclient

C. sfmgr

D. sftunnel

Correct Answer: D


Which action should you take when Cisco Threat Response notifies you that AMP has identified a file as malware?

A. Add the malicious file to the block list.

B. Send a snapshot to Cisco for technical support.

C. Forward the result of the investigation to an external threat-analysis engine.

D. Wait for Cisco Threat Response to automatically block the malware.

Correct Answer: A


An organization is implementing Cisco FTD using transparent mode in the network. Which rule in the default Access Control Policy ensures that this deployment does not create a loop in the network?

A. ARP inspection is enabled by default.

B. Multicast and broadcast packets are denied by default.

C. STP BPDU packets are allowed by default.

D. ARP packets are allowed by default.

Correct Answer: B


Which report template field format is available in Cisco FMC?

A. box lever chart

B. arrow chart

C. bar chart

D. benchmark chart

Correct Answer: C



Which two routing options are valid with Cisco Firepower Threat Defense? (Choose two.)

A. BGPv6

B. ECMP with up to three equal cost paths across multiple interfaces

C. ECMP with up to three equal cost paths across a single interface

D. BGPv4 in transparent firewall mode

E. BGPv4 with nonstop forwarding

Correct Answer: CE



An organization has a compliance requirement to protect servers from clients, however, the clients and servers all reside on the same Layer 3 network.

Without readdressing IP subnets for clients or servers, how is segmentation achieved?

A. Change the IP addresses of the servers, while remaining on the same subnet.

B. Deploy a firewall in routed mode between the clients and servers.

C. Change the IP addresses of the clients, while remaining on the same subnet.

D. Deploy a firewall in transparent mode between the clients and servers.

Correct Answer: D

Traditionally, a firewall is a routed hop and acts as a default gateway for hosts that connect to one of its screened subnets.

A transparent firewall, on the other hand, is a Layer 2 firewall that acts like a “bump in the wire,” or a “stealth firewall,” and is not seen as a router hop to connected devices.

However, like any other firewall, access control between interfaces is controlled, and all of the usual firewall checks are in place.

Layer 2 connectivity is achieved by using a “bridge group” where you group together the inside and outside interfaces for a network and the Firepower Threat Defense device uses bridging techniques to pass traffic between the interfaces.

Each bridge group includes a Bridge Virtual Interface (BVI) to which you assign an IP address on the network. You can have multiple bridge groups for multiple networks. In transparent mode, these bridge groups cannot communicate with each other


What is the difference between inline and inline tap on Cisco Firepower?

A. Inline tap mode can send a copy of the traffic to another device.

B. Inline tap mode does full packet capture.

C. Inline mode cannot do SSL decryption.

D. Inline mode can drop malicious traffic.

Correct Answer: D


Copies the data to the SNORT Engine to be checked but then dropped while the actual data flow continues uninterrupted. Therefore, INLINE TAP does not send traffic to another device.

The Data is copied but not captured. You still would need to enable packet capture to capture packets (AKA Save PCAP).


Both inline and Inline Tap modes do not support SSL Decryption-resign… Although I’m a bit conflicted by this….

Truth is that Inline Mode can DROP malicious traffic but remember that Inline TAP mode CANNOT. Again this is because tap mode sends a copy of the data to be inspected but not the actual data.


The network administrator wants to enhance the network security posture by enabling machine learning for malware detection due to a concern with suspicious Microsoft executable file types that were seen while creating monthly security reports for the CIO.

Which feature must be enabled to accomplish this goal?

A. Ethos

B. static analysis

C. Spero

D. dynamic analysis

Correct Answer: C


An administrator is working on a migration from Cisco ASA to the Cisco FTD appliance and needs to test the rules without disrupting the traffic.

Which policy type should be used to configure the ASA rules during this phase of the migration?

A. Prefilter

B. Intrusion

C. Access Control

D. Identity

Correct Answer: C



There is an increased amount of traffic on the network and for compliance reasons, management needs visibility into the encrypted traffic.

What is the result of enabling TLS/SSL decryption to allow this visibility?

A. It prompts the need for a corporate-managed certificate.

B. It will fail if certificate pinning is not enforced.

C. It has a minimal performance impact.

D. It is not subject to any Privacy regulations.

Correct Answer: A


An engineer is reviewing a ticket that requests to allow traffic for some devices that must connect to a server over 8699/udp. The request mentions only one IP address,, but the requestor asked for the engineer to open the port for all machines that have been trying to connect to it over the last week.

Which action must the engineer take to troubleshoot this issue?

A. Use the context explorer to see the application blocks by protocol.

B. Use the context explorer to see the destination port blocks

C. Filter the connection events by the source port 8699/udp.

D. Filter the connection events by the destination port 8699/udp.

Correct Answer: D


A security engineer is configuring an Access Control Policy for multiple branch locations. These locations share a common rule set and utilize a network object called INSIDE_NET which contains the locally significant internal network subnets at each location.

Which technique will retain the policy consistency at each location but allow only the locally significant network subnet within the applicable rules?

A. utilizing a dynamic Access Control Policy that updates from Cisco Talos

B. utilizing policy inheritance

C. creating a unique Access Control Policy per device

D. creating an Access Control Policy with an INSIDE_NET network object and object overrides

Correct Answer: D


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