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Latest Update EMC DEA-41T1 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

Based on the exhibit, which type of virtual switch is vSwitch1?lead4pass dea-41t1 practice test q1

A. External
B. Open
C. Private
D. Public
Correct Answer: C


What is an accurate statement regarding 40 Gbps Ethernet ports?
A. Can be used as a single 40 Gb connector or used as four 10 Gb connections
B. Cannot be configured into a stack connection
C. Must be segmented into four independent 10 Gb connections
D. May only be used as a non-negotiable, single 40 Gb link
Correct Answer: C

What occurs during the Data Wiping process?
A. Destroys CDs and DVDs by pulverizing and cross-cut shredding
B. Disposes of sensitive data using file detection, disk formatting, and file encryption
C. Temporarily removes data from a read-write medium so that it can no longer be read
D. Logically connects storage media to a bulk-wiping device
Correct Answer: B


A RAID 5 configuration with 20 hard drives loses one hard drive. How many additional hard drive failures can this configuration tolerate before experiencing data loss?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
Correct Answer: B


Based on the exhibit, which device is a Boot Optimized Storage Solution (BOSS) Controller?lead4pass dea-41t1 practice test q5

A. A
B. B
C. D
D. C
Correct Answer: A


Which advanced feature does a Dell EMC energy-smart power supply offer?
A. Provides thermal management of the supply
B. Reverses airflow to meet data center requirements
C. Throttles output to power-heavy components
D. Ability to update firmware without the need for downtime
Correct Answer: A

What distinguishes server CPUs from client CPUs?
A. Server CPUs have no overclocking features; client CPUs do have them
B. Server CPUs use identical socket types, client CPUs use multiple socket types
C. Server CPUs frequently have fewer cores and more processing power than client CPUs
D. Servers tend to have fewer CPUs installed than clients
Correct Answer: A


Which open-source operating system is designed to handle demanding business applications such as network and
system administration, database management, and web services?
A. Linux
C. Windows
Correct Answer: A


A backup administrator is migrating their tape drive backup solution from LTO-4 to LTO-6 generation. Both LTO-3 and
LTO-4 media are presently in use. All LTO-4 drives are to be replaced by LTO-6 drives, but the administrator plans to
avoid replacing a maximum amount of the tapes already in use.
What should the administrator do to accomplish this task?
A. Back up all critical data on at least LTO-4 tapes in order to be read it from their new LTO-6 drives.
B. Nothing, the administrator will still be able to read any tape currently in use will their LTO-6 drive and will be able to
retrieve data if needed
C. Back up all critical data from LTO-3 tapes to LTO-4 tapes Next, back up LTO-4 tapes to LTO-5 tapes Next, back up
LTO-5 tapes to LTO-6 tapes
D. Back up all critical data from LTO-3 tapes to LTO-4 tapes Next, back up LTO-4 tapes to LTO-5 tapes
Correct Answer: A


What is an example of a dedicated server?
A. Virtual Switch server
B. Clustered server
C. Database server
D. Secure Shell server
Correct Answer: C


What is commonly used by a system administrator to prevent electrostatic discharge when working on components
inside a Dell EMC PowerEdge server?
A. Uninterruptible Power Supply
B. Voltage Regulator
C. Anti-static wrist strap
D. Non-anti-static floor mat
Correct Answer: C


What does well-organized documentation help a system administrator improve?
A. Cost of running a server
B. Visibility of a system during an audit.
C. Processor efficiency
D. Recovery time in the event of a failure
Correct Answer: D


A customer needs to access webmail on a laptop. Using a browser, they type in the URL, and the page displays
correctly. What is the correct sequence of steps used to load the webpage?
Select and Place:lead4pass dea-41t1 practice test q13

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