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Latest EMC DES-6321 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

What VxRail vSAN storage policy should NOT be changed or deleted after the initial setup?
A. vSAN Default Storage Policy
B. VM Encryption Policy
Correct Answer: A


QUESTION 2lead4pass des-6321 exam questions q2

Based on the exhibit, what is the correct IP address to use when resetting a G Series node with the reset script?
Correct Answer: A


An all-flash VxRail cluster has just been deployed. When attempting to enable compression, the option is grayed out.
What is the cause of this situation?
A. “Add disks to storage” is set to manual
B. Erasure Coding is not enabled
C. Erasure Coding is not disabled
D. “Add disks to storage” is set to automatic
Correct Answer: D


A VxRail Stretched Cluster will be configured with four All-Flash nodes at each site based on the following
PFTT = 1 SFTT = 1 FTM = Erasure Coding
Based on the required usable capacity, what should be the planned capacity of the design?
A. Single Site Capacity = 150% Total Cluster Capacity = 300%
B. Single Site Capacity = 133% Total Cluster Capacity = 266%
C. Single Site Capacity = 100% Total Cluster Capacity = 200%
D. Single Site Capacity = 200% Total Cluster Capacity = 400%
Correct Answer: C


When adding an S Series node to a Gen 2 VxRail 240F cluster the build fails.
What could be a possible cause of this situation?
A. IP Pool has no more free addresses
B. Hybrid and Flash nodes cannot be mixed in the same cluster
C. Quanta and Dell hardware cannot be mixed in the same cluster
D. Loudmouth process needs to be restarted
Correct Answer: B


What is the maximum number of nodes in a VxRail cluster when using 1 GbE link?
A. 4
B. 8
C. 16
D. 32
Correct Answer: B
Reference: (2)


You are attempting to reset a single G Series node running 4.0.x code to the factory default. You discover that the
configbundle.tgz file is corrupt.
What is the recommended method to recover the node?
A. Rapid Appliance Self Recovery
B. Node Replacement
C. Mobile Build Server
D. Reset Script
Correct Answer: C


You are designing a VxRail Stretched Cluster for a company with two datacenters. The primary data center will host all
the workloads; the secondary datacenter will be for disaster recovery.
Where should you host the witness virtual appliance?
A. Both datacenters
B. Secondary datacenter only
C. Primary datacenter only
D. Cloud
Correct Answer: B


Which port configuration is invalid on the integrated NIC of a VxRail node?
A. 2 x 25 GbE SFP28
B. 2 x 10 GbE RJ45
C. 2 x 10 GbE SFP+
D. 2 x 1 GbE RJ45
Correct Answer: D
Reference: (10)


You have been supplied a PEQ for a 4 7 xxx installation However, the spreadsheet VxRail version drop-down menu only
goes up to 4 5 xxx. What is a likely outcome it you continue using this PEQ?
A. Cluster may be deployed at a lower code level
B. An invalid Appliance JSON file may be generated
C. The VMware vSAN license will be lost
D. Cluster may require a RASR reset after deployment
Correct Answer: D


What statement accurately describes the tail types used in racking VxRail nodes?
A. Static rails only support the option to use a cable management arm (CMA)
B. Sliding rails are available on all models of Dell 14G VxRail nodes except for the S570
C. Static rails enable the VxRail nodes to be fully extended out of the rack for service
D. Sliding rails are available on all models of Dell 14G VxRail nodes except for the G560
Correct Answer: D


In a VxRail external vCenter deployment, which component(s) are automatically licensed?
A. vCenter only
B. vCenter and vSAN
C. None
D. vSAN only
Correct Answer: B (page 5)


You have been assigned to perform a hardware installation of three G560 nodes in a 4-post rack However, only static
rails are included with this shipment.
What is the best way to proceed?
A. Order sliding rails, since these are required for the installation
B. You cannot proceed because these nodes cannot be installed in 4-dost rack
C. Install cable management arms in the rack
D. Proceed directly because these nodes can be installed in a 4 post rack
Correct Answer: D

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