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Latest F5 101 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

What is the expected difference between two source address persistence profiles if profile A has a mask of and profile B has a mask of
A. Profile A will have more clients matching existing persistence records.
B. There are no detectable differences.
C. Profile B has a greater potential number of persistence records.
D. Profile B will have fewer persistence records for the sane client base.
Correct Answer: D


When can a single virtual server be associated with multiple profiles?
A. Never. Each virtual server has a maximum of one profile.
B. Often. Profiles work on different layers and combining profiles is common.
C. Rarely. One combination, using both the TCP and HTTP profile does occur, but it is the exception.
D. Unlimited. Profiles can work together in any combination to ensure that all traffic types are supported in a given
virtual server.
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following is NOT a logging option within an APM access control entry?
A. Packet
B. Verbose
C. Nominal
D. Summary
E. None
Correct Answer: C


To share device information with F5 technical support, a customer must either verbally share the information over the
phone or copy and send the information in an Email.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B


A site has six members in a pool. All of the servers have been designed, built, and configured with the same
applications. It is known that each client\\’s interactions vary significantly and can affect the performance of the servers.
If traffic should be sent to all members on a regular basis, which load balancing mode is most effective if the goal is to
maintain a relatively even load across all servers.
A. Ratio
B. Priority
C. Observed
D. Round Robin
Correct Answer: C


How does the ARX eliminate the disruption caused by re-provisioning storage?
A. By identifying data that has not been modified and moving it to a secondary tier.
B. By reducing the time necessary to run a complete backup.
C. By allowing system administrators to apply policy to specific types data.
D. By automating capacity balancing and allowing seamless introduction of file systems into the environment after the
ARX is installed.
Correct Answer: D


ASM\\’s Web Scraping protection:
A. Is simple to configure
B. Cannot accommodate good scrapers
C. Will protect the site by blocking all requests
D. Is difficult to configure
Correct Answer: A


An LTM object represents a downstream server that hosts a secure Web site and contains the IP address and port
combination What is this object?
A. Self IP
B. Virtual Server
C. Pool
D. Node
E. Pool Member
Correct Answer: E


Which of the following methods of protection is not available within the Protocol Security Manager for HTTP traffic?
A. Data guard
B. Attack signatures
C. Evasion techniques
D. File type enforcement
Correct Answer: B


When an administrator creates a new access policy in the Visual Policy Editor, which three options are included by
default? (Choose three.)
A. A fallback option
B. An Allow Ad box
C. A Deny End box
D. An empty Resource Assign item
E. A Start box
F. A Block All option
Correct Answer: ACE


IP Enforcer blocks IP addresses that have repeatedly and regularly attacked the site.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A


By default, how frequently are log files rotated?
A. hourly
B. daily
C. weekly
D. There is no default; the administrator sets the frequency.
Correct Answer: B


A monitor has been defined using the HTTP monitor template. The send and receive strings were customized, but all
other settings were left at their defaults. Which resources can the monitor be assigned to?
A. only specific pool members
B. most virtual severs
C. most nodes
D. most pools
Correct Answer: D

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