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Latest Update IBM C2070-981 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

Which two attributes can a file storage area have? (choose Two.)
A. Can be a raw file system.
B. Can be a Unix file system.
C. Can be a Windows NTFS volume.
D. Can be an encrypted NTFS volume.
E. Only a one-to-one relationship with a Content Engine server.
Correct Answer: BC


Which Workplace and WorkplaceXT Site Preferences setting allows for user information to be passed from one
application to another to avoid having to log in again?
A. WebDAV.
B. User Tokens.
C. Access Roles.
D. Application Integration.
Correct Answer: B


Where does the Content Engine store object metadata (including security)?
B. Database
C. File System
D. Global Configuration Database
Correct Answer: B


What protocol does FileNet Enterprise Manager use to communicate to the Content Engine?
A. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).
B. Java API over the web services (HTTP) interface.
C. .NET API over the web services (HTTP) interface.
D. Java API over Internet Inter Operable Protocol (IIOP).
Correct Answer: C


If Content Engine is deployed on WebSphere and tracing is enabled in FileNet Enterprise Manager, in which default
area and filename is the FileNet trace file located?
A. /logs//trace.log.
B. /logs//SystemOut.log.
C. /logs//p8_server_trace.log.
D. /FileNet//p8_server_trace.log.
Correct Answer: D


The IBM FileNet Web Application Toolkit is part of which product?
A. Workplace
B. Workplace XT
C. Content Engine
D. IBM FileNet Enterprise Manager
Correct Answer: A


An object valued property can be used to enforce which two of the following? (choose two.)
A. Annotations.
B. Referential integrity.
C. Security inheritance.
D. Content classification.
E. Maximum content size.
Correct Answer: BC


What is the recommended approach for load balancing an Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) transport of the Content
A. Using a IBM http plugin.
B. Using a software load balancer.
C. Using a hardware load balancer.
D. Using a native Application Server load balancing software.
Correct Answer: D


Consider the following distributed P8 configuration:
All objectstores are configured to use file storage areas and content based retrieval (CBR). A complete offline backup of
the system runs daily at 10 PM. If a disk failure occurs at 2 PM on server C and all database files are lost, how should
the administrator recover the system?
A. Restore database files to server C
B. Restore database files to server C, and index collection files to server B
C. Restore database files to server C, and file storage files to the NAS device
D. Restore database files to server C, index collection files to server B, and file storage files to the NAS device
Correct Answer: D


The Content Engine sets a newly created storage area to what resource status?
A. Open.
B. Ready.
C. Standby.
D. New Content.
Correct Answer: A

When using Workplace XT and a user is out of the office (e.g., vacation), where can they specify an alternate person to
receive their Process Engine work items?
A. Site Preferences.
B. Process Configuration Console.
C. Task Settings under User Preferences.
D. General Settings under User Preferences.
Correct Answer: C


In which two of the following options should the Content Consistency Checker be used?
A. If search templates arent working.
B. After restoring a storage area from backup media.
C. Totroubleshoot Fixed Content Device connectivity.
D. If the IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine is performing slow.
E. When users are unable to view the content of a document stored in a file storage area, even when they have viewcontent permissions on thedocument.
Correct Answer: BE


Data replication for disaster recovery can be accomplished at the application, host, storage or network level. Which of
the following statements describes replication at the storage level for a FileNet P8 system?
A. Replication is configured and implemented by the FileNet P8 product.
B. Replication is configured and implemented by the host operating system.
C. Replication is managed by the storage device, typically to another device of the same model.
D. A device on the network, such as the IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC), that intercepts device writes and replicates
them to a corresponding storage device at a remote site.
Correct Answer: C

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