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Latest Update McAfee MA0-107 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

A help desk technician needs to gain admin rights to the ENS local client interface for troubleshooting. Which of the
following is a policy setting within the ENS Common Options policy that could be used to temporarily allow admin rights
to the local client?
A. Unlock Client Interface Password
B. Standard Access
C. One-time Password
D. Time-based Password
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following describes the role of a cloud-based Real Protect scanner?
A. It sends environmental variables to the cloud for analysis.
B. It sends potentially malicious code to the cloud for analysis.
C. It sends behavior information to the cloud for analysis.
D. It sends personally identifiable information to the cloud for analysis.
Correct Answer: B


An administrator wants to exclude folder ABC on various drives. In which of the following ways should the administrator
list the exclusion in the policy?
A. ??\ABC
B. **\ABC
C. ***\ABC
D. ???\ABC
Correct Answer: C


The security team wants to schedule an on-demand scan to run at noon every day for all workstations. However, the
team would like to ensure system performance is not impacted because users may be working. Which of the following is
a system utilization setting that meets this criteria?
A. Below normal
B. Low
C. Scan only when the system is idle
D. Normal
Correct Answer: D


By default, an individual file is flushed from the Adaptive Threat Protection local reputation cache every:
A. 7 days.
B. 14 days.
C. 30 days.
D. 60 days.
Correct Answer: D


An administrator suspects that Self Protection is preventing local installation of a patch. Which of the following log levels
should the administrator review?
A. Event logging
B. Debug logging
C. Activity logging
D. High severity logging
Correct Answer: D


Joe, an administrator, runs a policy-based, on-demand scan on a system and notices that after the scan, a threat event
was created for what appears to be a false positive. Joe wants to submit the file for analysis to McAfee Labs; but every
time he accesses the file, it is detected.
In which of the following default locations can Joe find the backups of the detected files?
A. %ProgramData%\McAfee\Common Framework\AgentEvents
B. C:\Quarantine
C. C:\Windows\Temp\Quarantine
D. %deflogfir%\Quarantine
Correct Answer: A


By using which of the following techniques does Real Protect scanner inspect suspicious files and activities on an
endpoint to detect malicious patterns?
A. Machine learning
B. Intrusion prevention
C. Sandboxing
D. Static code analysis
Correct Answer: B


In which of the following ways would ATP determine the reputation information if Adaptive Threat Protection (ATP) is
deployed and neither a TIE server nor an Internet connection is available?
A. ATP will use information from the local system.
B. ATP will query other systems in the environment.
C. ATP will do nothing and auto-disable itself.
D. ATP will prompt the user for manual input.
Correct Answer: B


An administrator notices that on one endpoint, Threat Prevention is not currently on the latest version of AMContent.
The administrator presses the “Update Now” button within the console, but a message shows the update was
Which of the following logs should the administrator look at FIRST to troubleshoot the failure?
A. EndpointSecurityPlatform_Activity.log
C. AccessProtection_Activity.log
D. PackageManager_Activity.log
Correct Answer: D


The ENS administrator wants to monitor remotely the modification of files, but BigFix.exe is generating many false
positives. Which of the following should the ENS administrator do?
A. Exclude the file under Threat Prevention / Access Protection / Remotely creating or modifying Files or Folders.
B. Add the file as a High Risk Process under Threat Prevention / On Access Scan / Process settings.
C. Exclude the file under Common Options / Self Protection.
D. Add the file under Threat Prevention / Options/ Exclusions by detection name.
Correct Answer: C


An IT department is looking for a way to optimize performance with on-access scanning. To maximize security and
minimize the impact on the system, on-access scanning should be configured to scan files at which of the following
A. Disable on-access scanning.
B. Let McAfee decide.
C. Only scan files on write.
D. Only scan files on read.
Correct Answer: C


An ePO administrator decides to define a trusted network in the firewall policy. This will result in:
A. an inbound directional allow rule for that remote network.
B. an outbound directional allow rule for that remote network.
C. a bidirectional allow rule for that remote network.
D. a bidirectional deny rule for that remote network.
Correct Answer: A

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