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Latest Update Splunk SPLK-1001 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

Which command automatically returns percent and count columns when executing searches?
A. top
B. stats
C. table
D. percent
Correct Answer: A


Parsing of data can happen both in HF and Indexer.
A. Only HF
B. No
C. Yes
Correct Answer: C


When looking at a statistics table, what is one way to drill down to see the underlying events?
A. Creating a pivot table.
B. Clicking on the visualizations tab.
C. Viewing your report in a dashboard.
D. Clicking on any field value in the table.
Correct Answer: B


When viewing results of a search job from the Activity menu, which of the following is displayed?
A. New events based on the current time range picker
B. The same events based on the current time range picker
C. The same events from when the original search was executed
D. New events in addition to the same events from the original search
Correct Answer: C


Splunk internal fields contain general information about events and start from underscore i.e. _ .
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A


What type of search can be saved as a report?
A. Any search can be saved as a report.
B. Only searches that generate visualizations.
C. Only searches containing a transforming command.
D. Only searches that generate statistics or visualizations.
Correct Answer: A


How are events displayed after a search is executed?
A. In chronological order.
B. Randomly by default.
C. In reverse chronological order.
D. Alphabetically according to the field name.
Correct Answer: C

Log filtering/parsing can be done from _____________.
A. Index Forwarders (IF)
B. Universal Forwarders (UF)
C. Super Forwarder (SF)
D. Heavy Forwarders (HF)
Correct Answer: D


How to make an Interesting field into a selected field?
A. Click a field in the field sidebar -> click YES on the pop-up dialog on the upper right side -> check now field should be visible in
the list of selected fields.
B. Not possible.
C. Only CLI changes will enable it.
D. Click Settings -> Find field option -> Drop down select field -> enable selected field -> check now field should be
visible in the list of selected fields.
Correct Answer: A


You can view the search result in the following format (Choose three.):
A. Table
B. Raw
C. Pie Chart
D. List
Correct Answer: ABD


Which of the following statements about case sensitivity is true?
A. Both field names and field values ARE case sensitive.
B. Field names ARE case sensitive; field values are NOT.
C. Field values ARE case sensitive; field names ARE NOT.
D. Both field names and field values ARE NOT case sensitive.
Correct Answer: B


Prefix wildcards might cause performance issues.
A. False
B. True
Correct Answer: B


When editing a dashboard, which of the following are possible options? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Add an output.
B. Export a dashboard panel.
C. Modify the chart type displayed in a dashboard panel.
D. Drag a dashboard panel to a different location on the dashboard.
Correct Answer: C

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