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Which architectural component that allows the Cisco Meraki data centers to be fully HIPAA and PCI compliant is most
A. Layer 7 application fingerprinting
B. nonexistent CLI
C. controller and server-free design
D. out-of-band control plane
Correct Answer: D


Which two Cisco Aironet access points offer dual 5 GHz radio assignment? (Choose two.)
A. Aironet 3800
B. Aironet 1830
C. Aironet 1850
D. Aironet 2800
E. Aironet 1815
Correct Answer: AD
Reference: page 1


Which two resources and tools are available within the Cisco Meraki Partner Portal? (Choose two.)
A. API developer files and virtual sandboxes for proof of concept testing
B. Cisco Meraki Support ticket/case management and live help
C. backup login page for the Cisco Meraki dashboard
D. registration for Cisco Meraki training series and previous webinar training recordings
E. lead generation tools including custom referral links and templates to webinars.
Correct Answer: BC

Which option is the name of the process by which an organization\\’s license expiration dates are automatically aligned
for simple management?
A. blended elapse
B. co-termination
C. weighted usage
D. aggregated expiry
Correct Answer: B


Why is a Cisco Meraki dashboard demo such a core and pivotal part of the customer engagement process?
A. It allows customers to see the ease of use and elegant design of the dashboard that leaves them wanting to learn
B. It grants the presenter a chance to perform a feature parity comparison with any competing vendors.
C. Customers can explore and interact with the interface at their own pace through the specialist-guided demo
D. It educates and trains the customer to be confident in setting up and managing their own instance of dashboard at
the conclusion of the demo.
Correct Answer: C


Where do Cisco Meraki customers go to open and manage ongoing support cases?
A. through the Cisco Meraki support email alias (helpdesk)
B. Cisco Meraki portal within
C. help section within the Cisco Meraki dashboard
D. Cisco TAC Service Request System
Correct Answer: C


Which two feature licenses (subscriptions) are available for the MX security appliances? (Choose two.)
A. Advanced Security
B. Essential
C. Defended
D. Comprehensive
E. Enterprise
Correct Answer: AE


On which type of Cisco switching solution is the Cisco 2960L series switch an example?
A. enterprise-class on-premises
B. business-class on-premises
C. enterprise-class off-premises
D. cloud-managed
Correct Answer: B


Of which two solutions is a Cisco Meraki device a component? (Choose two.)
A. hybrid
B. Cisco Catalyst
C. Cisco Prime Infrastructure
D. cloud-managed
E. on-premises
Correct Answer: AD


Which indicator that a customer would benefit from a Cisco Meraki cloud-managed network is true?
A. Customer requires modular hardware customization and granular, command-line level interfacing.
B. Customer prefers direct access to on-premises appliances and servers via in-line terminal management.
C. Customer requires end-to-end visibility and a network that can be quickly deployed and easily managed by a limited
IT staff.
D. Customer desires to implement a diverse solution of firewalls with third-party integration alongside other cloud
Correct Answer: C


Which two statements about FindIT Network Manager licensing are true? (Choose two.)
A. An additional license is required for each network manager probe in the network.
B. The evaluation copy of the FindIT software supports up to 50 devices.
C. Only Cisco 100 to 500 Series products are counted as managed devices.
D. Licensing costs include phone support for the FindIT software.
E. In addition to the cost of licensing, there is a one-time initial cost of the FindIT software.
Correct Answer: CD


Which two Cisco Catalyst switches offer fanless operation? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco 3560-CX
B. Cisco 2960-XR
C. Cisco 2960-X
D. Cisco 2960-L
E. Cisco 3650
Correct Answer: AD


How does the Cisco Meraki MC platform simplify the complexity and overhead involved in VoIP deployments?
A. by providing easy to configure and reliable on-site call routing and processing server clusters
B. with purpose-built, all-in-one solutions that consolidate voice, video, messaging, presence, and chat for every user on
any device
C. by providing a single-image, on-premises communications platform that grows and interacts with plug-and-play ease
D. with zero on-site infrastructure (non-existent PBX), SIP-based cloud architecture, and direct integration with
Correct Answer: D

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