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Latest Update Cisco Business Architecture Analyst 810-440 Online Exam Practice Questions

What should sales professionals do to ensure that business outcomes support what the customer brings to the market?
A. Make a list of the CSFs and KPIs of the organization.
B. Interview the different stakeholders and confirm with them.
C. Understand the customer\\’s services portfolio.
D. Understand the customer\\’s value proposition.
Correct Answer: D

When return on investment is expressed in a business outcomes story, which set of factors should be included?
A. financial benefits, overall business impact, length of time to realize benefits
B. cost savings vs. today, speed to market, time to implement
C. financial benefits, speed to market, competitor revenue displaced
D. cost savings, length of time to implement, number of Cisco offerings
Correct Answer: A

Which value does a customer realize from the Cisco Business Architecture approach?
A. Capture and realize business value from product feature demonstrations.
B. Ensures Cisco relevancy to business capabilities and business solutions.
C. Capture and realize business value from defined business outcomes.
D. Ensures that the customer is up to date with all the latest product capabilities.
Correct Answer: C

Which are four considerations to have in mind when communicating the business outcomes story? (Choose four.)
A. Share your findings about stakeholder analysis with the audience.
B. Structure the content to the audience, one size does not fit all.
C. Address key motivators, business drivers, and the value that business outcomes bring to the customer.
D. Prioritize lines of business, strategic plan and operating issues.
E. Create the presentation in terms that the audience understands.
F. Use consistent formats and designs that the audience is familiar with.
Correct Answer: BCEF

KPIs are quantitative measurement of progress against the tactical goals of an organization. Which are three
characteristics of KPIs? (Choose three.)
A. KPIs must be strategic and tactical in nature
B. KPIs can be financial, managerial, or operational
C. KPIs measure progress against goals
D. KPIs are set according to priorities: magnitude and urgency
E. KPIs define what needs to happen to achieve desired results in the time, budget, and level of expected quality
Correct Answer: BCE

Which two options are indirect benefits of a business outcome? (Choose two.)
A. Lower maintenance contract cost
B. Improved customer satisfaction
C. Lower purchase price of IT assets
D. Faster time to market for new solutions
Correct Answer: BD

Which two characteristics of customer relationship management are true? (Choose two.)
A. building and maintaining rapport with relevant individuals
B. introducing technology solutions to the customer
C. increasing customer spend on technology hardware and software
D. enticing customer with deep discounts and promotions
E. moving the customer toward positive decisions about investments and initiatives
Correct Answer: AE

Which activity occurs in the loyalty phase of the customer relationship lifecycle?
A. Gain credibility with the customer to establish them as an advocate
B. Establish yourself as a trusted advisor.
C. Continue to effectively develop your relationship with the customer.
D. Understand the customer and their critical needs.
Correct Answer: B

Business architects must be skilled within Enterprise architecture. Which list of Enterprise architecture domains must
business architects fully understand?
A. business, data center, collaboration, and network architecture.
B. security, data center, collaboration, and network architecture.
C. business, data, application, and technology architecture.
D. strategic, data, application, and technology architecture.
Correct Answer: D

Which factor encompasses the standards and cultural behavior that are important to the business?
A. mission
B. values
C. strategy
D. vision
Correct Answer: B

Which characteristic of the Cisco Internet of Everything has the most impact on business?
A. connecting people for measuring the usage trends of services
B. delivering the services to the right person at the right time
C. leveraging data into more useful information for decision making
D. having physical devices and objects connected to the internet
Correct Answer: D

What is the value of Cisco Business Architecture for the business architect?
A. It creates a competitive advantage.
B. It provides promotional opportunities.
C. It captures additional revenue.
D. It establishes a long-term relationship with the customer as a trusted advisor.
Correct Answer: D

Which option is the primary goal in business outcome-based selling?
A. improving agility and the ability to deploy innovative services for end users
B. developing and enabling new business processes, markets, and customer interactions
C. taking advantage of new technology to increase business relevance
D. using next-generation IT to increase service quality and reduce risk, complexity, and costs
Correct Answer: B

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