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Free test Oracle Database 1z0-067 Exam questions and Answers

You are administering a multitenant container database (CDB) cdb1.
Examine the command and its output:
SQL>show parameterfile
You verify that sufficient disk space is available and that no file currently exists in the
`/u0l/app/oracle/oradata/cdb1/salesdb\\’ location.
You plan to create a new pluggable database (PDB) by using the command:
DATAFILE\\’ /u01/app/oracle/oradata/cdb1/salesdb/sales01 .dbf\\’SIZE 250M AUTOEXTEND ON
Which statement is true?
A. SALESPDB is created and is in mount state.
B. PDB creation fails because the D3_file_name_convert parameter is not set in the CDB.
C. SALESPDB is created and is in read/write mode.
D. PDB creation fails because a default temporary tablespace is not defined for SALESPDB.
Correct Answer: A
We need seed tablespace to create new plugable db. Reference: /u01/app/oracle/oradata/orcl/pdbseed/sysaux01.dbf
/u01/app/oracle/oradata/orcl/pdbseed/system01.dbf By default. Seed has two tbs.

Examine these Data Pump commands to export and import objects from and to the same database.
The dba has not yet created users hr1 and oe1.
$expdp system/manager schemas = hr.oe directory = EXP_DIR dumpfile = export.dat include = table
$ impdpsysten/manager schemas = hr1,oe1 directory = EXP_DIR dumpfile = export.dat remap_schena=hr:hrl, oe:oe1
What will happen when running these commands?
A. expdp will fail because no path has been defined for the dumpfile.
B. expdp will succeed but impdp will fail because the users do not exist.
C. inpdp will create two users called hr1 and oe1 and import all objects to the new schemas.
D. impdp will create two users called hr1 and oe1 and import only the tables owned by hr and oe schemas to ht1 and
oe1 schemas, respectively.
Correct Answer: B
ORA-39165: Schema not found error will be resulted

You create a table with the period for clause to enable the use of the Temporal Validity feature of Oracle Database 12c.
Examine the table definition:
create table employees (empno number, salary number, deptid number, name varchar2(100), period for
Which three statements are true concerning the use of the Valid Time Temporal feature for the EMPLOYEES table?
A. The valid time columns employee_time_start and employee_time_end are automatically created.
B. The same statement may filter on both transaction time and valid temporal time by using the AS OF TIMESTAMP
and PERIOD FOR clauses.
C. The valid time columns are not populated by the Oracle Server automatically.
D. The valid time columns are visible by default when the table is described.
E. Setting the session valid time using DBMS_FLASHBACK_ARCHIVE.ENABLE_AT_VALID_TIME sets the visibility for
data manipulation language (DML), data definition language (DDL), and queries performed by the session.
Correct Answer: ABE
A: To implement Temporal Validity(TV), 12c offers the option to have two date columns in that table which is having TV
enabled using the new clause Period For in the Create Table for the newly created tables or in the Alter Table for the
existing ones. The columns that are used can be defined while creating the table itself and will be used in the Period For
clause or you can skip having them in the table\\’s definition in the case of which, the Period For clause would be creating them internally.
This procedure enables session level valid time flashback.

Which two options can be configured for an existing database by using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)?
A. Database Resident Connection Pooling
B. Oracle Suggested Backup Strategy
C. Database Vault in ORACLE_HOME
D. Nondefaultblocksizetablespaces
E. Configure Label Security
Correct Answer: CE

You notice that the performance of your production 24/7 Oracle 12c database has significantly degraded. Sometimes
you are not able to connect to the instance because it hangs. You do not want to restart the database instance.
How can you detect the cause of the degraded performance?
A. Enable Memory Access Mode, which reads performance data from SGA.
B. Use emergency monitoring to fetch data directly from SGA for analysis.
C. Run Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) to fetch information from the latest Automatic Workload
Repository (AWR) snapshots.
D. Use Active Session History (ASH) data and hang analysis in regular performance monitoring,
E. Run ADDM in diagnostic mode.
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://oracle-base.com/articles/12c/emergency-monitoring-em12c

Which two methods can be used to add an Oracle 11g database to a multitenant container database (CDB) as a
pluggable database (PDB)?
A. Use the DBMS_pdb package to plug the Oracle 11g database into the existing CDB as a PDB.
B. Use the create database … enable pluggable database statement to create a PDB by copying data files from
pd3Sseed and use data pump to load data from the Oracle 11g database into the newly created PDB.
C. Pre-create a PDB in CDB and use data pump to load data from the complete database export of the Oracle 11g
database into the newly created PDB.
D. Pre-create a PDB in CDB and use the network_link and parallel parameters with data pump import to import data
from the Oracle 11g database to the newly created PDB.
E. Upgrade the Oracle 11g database to a 12c non-CDB and use the dbms_pdb.describe procedure to plug the database
as a new PDB into the CDB.
Correct Answer: DE

You restore and recover your database to a new host by using an existing RMAN open database backup.
Which step must you perform next?
A. Execute catproc.sqi to recompile invalid PL/SQL modules.
B. Open the database with the resetlogs option.
C. Set a new database identifier (DBID) for the newly restored database.
D. Use the RMAN set newname and switch commands to switch to new files.
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B10501_01/server.920/a96566/rcmrecov.htm#1007514

Examine the command to duplicate a database:
Which two statements are true about the DUPLICATE command?
A. The SPFILE is copied along with the data files of the pluggable databases (PDBs).
B. The root and the seed database in the container database (CDB) are also duplicated.
C. A backup of pdb1 and pd5 must exist before executing the command.
D. The duplicate command first creates a backup, and then duplicates the PDBs by using the backup.
E. An auxiliary instance must be started with the initialization parameter ENABLE_PLUGGABLE_DATABASE set to
Correct Answer: BE
Do backups of the source database exist? The principal advantage of active database duplication is that it does not
require source database backups. Active duplication copies mounted or online database files over a network to the
auxiliary instance. One disadvantage of this technique is the negative performance effect on the network. Another
disadvantage is that the source database is running processes required to transfer the files to the auxiliary host, thereby
affecting the source database and production workload. If the source database backups exist, and if the effect on the
network is unacceptable, then backup-based duplication may be a better option. You can copy backups to temporary
storage and transfer them manually to the destination host. If duplication is made with a connection to the target or the
recovery catalog, then the backup files on the destination host must have the same file specification as they had on the
source host. Otherwise, this is not a requirement.

Which three types of backups can be performed for a database running in NOARCHIVELOG mode? (Choose three.)
A. backup of only the used blocks in a critical tablespace (SYSTEM or SYSAUX) while the database is open
B. backup of noncritical tablespaces without shutting down the instance
C. backup of only those blocks that have changed since the last backup while the database is mounted
D. backup of the database without shutting down the instance
E. consistent whole database backup
Correct Answer: BCE

Identify three scenarios in which RMAN will use backup sets to perform active database duplication.
A. when the duplicate … from active database command contains the section size clause
B. when you perform active database duplication on a database with flashback disabled
C. when you specify set encryption before the duplicate … from active database command
D. when the number of auxiliary channels allocated is equal to or greater than the number of target channels
E. when you perform active database duplication on a database that has read-onlytablespaces
Correct Answer: ACD
Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/database/121/BRADV/rcmdupdb.htm#BRADV298

You use RMAN with a recovery catalog to back up your database. The backups and the archived redo log files are
backed up to media daily. Because of a media failure, the entire database along with the recovery catalog database is
Examine the steps required to recover the database:
1.Restore an autobackup of the server parameter file. 2.Restore the control file.
3. Start up the database instance in nomount state.
4.Mount the database.
5.Restore the data files.
6.Open the database with the resetlogs option.
7.Recover the data files.
8.Set D3ID for the database.
Identify the required steps in the correct order.
A. 1, 8, 3, 2, 4, 5, 7, 6
B. 8, 1, 3, 2, 4, 5, 7, 6
C. 1, 3, 2, 4, 8, 5, 6, 7
D. 8, 3, 2, 4, 5, 7, 6
E. 8, 1, 3, 2, 4, 5, 6
Correct Answer: D

Which two are prerequisites for creating a backup-based duplicate database?
A. connecting to the target database and a recovery catalog to execute the duplicate command
B. creating a password file for an auxiliary instance
C. connecting to an auxiliary instance
D. matching the database identifier (DBID) of the source database and the duplicate database
E. creating an SPFILE for the target database
Correct Answer: BC
References: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/backup.112/e10643/rcmsynta020.htm#CHDEDFFH

Users report this error message when inserting rows into the orders table:
ERROR atline1:
ORA-01654f:unable to extend index USERS.ORDERS_IND by 8in tablespace INDEXES
You determine that the indexes tablespace is out of space and there is no free space on the filesystem used by the
Oracle database.
Which two must you do to fix this problem without affecting currently executing queries?
A. drop and re-create the index
B. coalesce the orders,,ind index
C. coalesce the indexes tablespace
D. perform an on line table rebuild using dbns_redefir.ition.
E. rebuild the index online moving it to another tablespace that has enough free space for the index
Correct Answer: AC

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