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The module MyCompany_MyModule provides custom admin interface pages.

Access to these pages should only be granted to specific users.

You add the required configuration to the module\\’s acl.xml file, but the setting does not seem to work as expected.

How do you visually check if Magento evaluates your ACL resource as expected?

A. Write a plugin for the class \Magento\Framework\Acl\LoaderInterface::populateAcl() and echo out the loaded roles

B. Inspect the output of the CLI command bin/magento admin:role:resources ?all

C. In the browser, open the admin User Roles page. Choose a role and inspect the tree of available resources

D. Inspect the response of a GET request to the webapi endpoint resources



In layout files you can change al element\\’s order on a page. This can be done using one of the following:
instruction before and after element attributes?

How are two methods different?

A. They are the same, both provide access to the same functionality

B. Elements are renamed by default when using the move instruction

C. The move instruction allows altering an element\\’s parent node

D. Before and after attributes can only be used with referenceContainer and referenceBlock



Which method of a Magento resource model will remove a record from the database?

A. remove

B. erase

C. clean

D. delete



You need to add a new column to the sales_shipment and the sales_shipment_grid tables. Other than utilizing the
default addColumn methods, what way is automatic?

A. Utilize the SalesSetup class\\’ addAttribute method.

B. On the default EavSetup class, utilize the addColumn method.

C. On the ModuleDataSetupInterface, call $setup->getSales()->addColumn().

D. Ensure your UpgradeSchema class extends CoreSetup and call $this- >addSalesColumns().



How does Magento store customer address attribute values?

A. Customer address is a flat entity, so all values are stored in the customer_address_entity table

B. Customer address is not an entity, so its properties are customer attributes

C. Customer address is an attribute of the customer, so it doesn\\’t have its own attributes

D. Customer address is an EAV entity, so all values are stored in the customer_address_entity table and related values



You are reviewing a module to some special functionality to the Magento 2 application, You see directory / Console,
What task you think in this directory contain script for this modules?

A. contains CLI commands

B. contains any PHP classes exposed to the API

C. contains cron job definitions.

D. contains section files

E. open directory /Console and check script what code contaib



A module MyModule needs to send notifications to customers only when the account was modified from a mobile app
using the REST web APIs.

You decided to implement an observer for customer_save_after_data_object event.

In which file do you declare the observer?

A. etc/webapi_rest/events.xml

B. etc/adminhtml/events.xml

C. etc/webapi/rest_events.xml

D. etc/events.xml



You have been given the task of importing products from an external source. You decide to create a custom module to
do this.

The class handling the import creates a product for each record, sets the data on it and saves it to the

What do you inject into a constructor to represent each product you create?

A. \Magento\Catalog\Model\Product

B. \Magento\Catalog\Api\Data\ProductInterfaceFactory

C. \Magento\Catalog\Api\Data\ProductInterface

D. \Magento\Catalog\Model\ProductBuilder



You are developing a module and need to add another column to a table introduced by another module
MyCompany_MyModule via db schema.

How do you do that?

A. Create a etc/db_schema.xml file in your module, add the column and run bin/magento setup:upgrade

B. Create a etc/db.xml file in your module, add the column and run bin/magento setup:dbschema:upgrade

C. Run a command: bin/magento setup:db-schema:upgrade

D. Create a etc/db_schema_whitelist.json file in your module, add the column and run bin/magento setup:upgrade



What scopes are available for customer attributes?

A. Global only

B. Website only

C. Global and Website

D. Global, Website and Store



How do you obtain customer information in a JavaScript module?

A. Magento does not expose customer information in JavaScript for security reasons

B. By sending an AJAX request to the url: /customer/account/info/?json=1

C. By using customerData.get(`customer\\’) call, where customerData is an instance of Magento_Customer/ js/customerdata

D. Customer information is available in localStorage and be retrieved by calling



You are working on a new entity called vendor. You implemented the model, resource model and collection. You want to ensure that standard model events will be fired for your model, so an observer can be created for the events
vendor_save_after, vendor_save_commit_after and others.

How do you do that?

A. Create an entry in etc/di.xml and add the argument eventPrefix with the value of vendor

B. Declare the $_eventPrefix property in your vendor model and set it to vendor

C. You must implement all appropriate methods and fire the events manually

D. Ensure that the primary key in the corresponding table is named vendor_id



A merchant asks you to extend customer functionality to allow customer accounts to be associated with two or more
billing addresses.

How is this implemented?

A. By adding the attribute like customer_address_billing2 and customizing both My Account and Checkout functionality to use that new attribute

B. By changing the System Configuration setting: Customer>Allow multiple billing addresses to Yes

C. By altering the customer_entity table, adding the field billing_address2, and customizing both My Account and
Checkout functionality to use that new field

D. This is out-of-the box functionality

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