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Latest Amazon DVA-C01 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

Company B provides an online image recognition service and utilizes SQS to decouple system components for
scalability The SQS consumers poll the imaging queue as often as possible to keep end-to-end throughput as high as
possible. However, Company B is realizing that polling in tight loops is burning CPU cycles and increasing costs with
empty responses.
How can Company B reduce the number of empty responses?
A. Set the imaging queue visibility Timeout attribute to 20 seconds
B. Set the Imaging queue ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds attribute to 20 seconds
C. Set the imaging queue MessageRetentionPeriod attribute to 20 seconds
D. Set the DelaySeconds parameter of a message to 20 seconds
Correct Answer: B


An application is using Amazon DynamoDB as its data store and should be able to read 100 items per second as
strongly consistent reads. Each item is 5 KB in size. To what value should the table\\’s provisioned read throughput be
A. 50 read capacity units
B. 100 read capacity units
C. 200 read capacity units
D. 500 read capacity units
Correct Answer: C


A Developer is writing an application that runs on Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group. The application data
is stored in an Amazon DynamoDB table and records are constantly updated by all instances. An instance sometimes
retrieves old data. The Developer wants to correct this by making sure the reads are strongly consistent.
How can the developer accomplish this?
A. Set ConsistentRead to true when calling Getltem.
B. Create a new DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) table.
C. Set Consistency to strong when calling UpdateTable.
D. Use the GetShardIterator command.
Correct Answer: A


An application reads data from an Amazon DynamoDB table. Several times a day, for a period of 15 seconds, the
application receives multiple ProvisionedThroughputExceeded errors. How should this exception be handled?
A. Create a new global secondary index for the table to help with the additional requests.
B. Retry the failed read requests with exponential backoff.
C. Immediately retry the failed read requests.
D. Use the DynamoDB “UpdateItem” API to increase the provisioned throughput capacity of the table.
Correct Answer: B


A Developer has written code for an application and wants to share it with other Developers on the team to receive
feedback. The shared application code needs to be stored long-term with multiple versions and batch change tracking.
Which AWS service should the Developer use?
A. AWS CodeBuild
B. Amazon S3
C. AWS CodeCommit
D. AWS Cloud9
Correct Answer: C


Company A has an S3 bucket containing premier content that they intend to make available to only paid subscribers of
their website. The S3 bucket currently has default permissions of all objects being private to prevent inadvertent
exposure of the premier content to non-paying website visitors. How can Company A provide only paid subscribers the
ability to download a premier content file in the S3 bucket?
A. Apply a bucket policy that grants anonymous users to download the content from the S3 bucket
B. Generate a pre-signed object URL for the premier content file when a paid subscriber requests a download
C. Add a bucket policy that requires Multi-Factor Authentication for requests to access the S3 bucket objects
D. Enable server-side encryption on the S3 bucket for data protection against the non-paying website visitors
Correct Answer: B


A developer is creating an application that needs to locate the public IPv4 address of the Amazon EC2 instance on
which it runs. How can the application locate this information?
A. Get the instance metadata by retrieving
B. Get the instance user data by retrieving
C. Get the application to run ifconfig to get the public IP address.
D. Get the application to run IPCONFIG to get the public IP address.
Correct Answer: A


A Developer is trying to monitor an application\\’s status by running a cron job that returns 1 if the service is up and 0 if
the service is down. The Developer created a code that uses an AWS CLI put-metric-alarm command to publish the
custom metrics to Amazon CloudWatch and create an alarm. However, the Developer is unable to create an alarm as
the custom metrics do not appear in the CloudWatch console.
What is causing this issue?
A. Sending custom metrics using the CLI is not supported.
B. The Developer needs to use the put-metric-data command.
C. The Developer must use a unified CloudWatch agent to publish custom metrics.
D. The code is not running on an Amazon EC2 instance.
Correct Answer: B


A company is using AWS CodePipeline to deliver one of its applications. The delivery pipeline is triggered by changes to
the master branch of an AWS CodeCommit repository and uses AWS CodeBuild to implement the test and build stages
of the process and AWS CodeDeploy to deploy the application.
The pipeline has been operating successfully for several months and there have been no modifications. Following a recent change to the application\\’s source code, AWS CodeDeploy has not deployed the updated application as
What are the possible causes? (Choose two.)
A. The change was not made in the master branch of the AWS CodeCommit repository.
B. One of the earlier stages in the pipeline failed and the pipeline has terminated.
C. One of the Amazon EC2 instances in the company\\’s AWS CodePipeline cluster is inactive.
D. The AWS CodePipeline is incorrectly configured and is not executing AWS CodeDeploy.
E. AWS CodePipeline does not have permission to access AWS CodeCommit.
Correct Answer: AB


An application needs to use the IP address of the client in its processing. The application has been moved into AWS
and has been placed behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). However, all the client IP addresses now appear to be
the same. The application must maintain the ability to scale horizontally.
Based on this scenario, what is the MOST cost-effective solution to this problem?
A. Remove the application from the ALB. Delete the ALB and change Amazon Route 53 to direct traffic to the instance
running the application.
B. Remove the application from the ALB. Create a Classic Load Balancer in its place. Direct traffic to the application
using the HTTP protocol.
C. Alter the application code to inspect the X-Forwarded-For header. Ensure that the code can work properly if a list of
IP addresses are passed in the header.
D. Alter the application code to inspect a custom header. Alter the client code to pass the IP address in the custom
Correct Answer: C


An application overwrites an object in Amazon S3, and then immediately reads the same object. Why would the application sometimes retrieve the old version of the object?
A. S3 overwrite PUTS are eventually consistent, so the application may read the old object.
B. The application needs to add extra metadata to label the latest version when uploading to Amazon S3.
C. All S3 PUTS are eventually consistent, so the application may read the old object.
D. The application needs to explicitly specify the latest version when retrieving the object.
Correct Answer: A

The upload of a 15 GB object to Amazon S3 fails. The error message reads: “Your proposed upload exceeds the
maximum allowed object size.” What technique will allow the Developer to upload this object?
A. Upload the object using the multipart upload API.
B. Upload the object over an AWS Direct Connect connection.
C. Contact AWS Support to increase the object size limit.
D. Upload the object to another AWS region.
Correct Answer: A


A company wants to containerize an existing three-tier web application and deploy it to Amazon ECS Fargate. The
application is using session data to keep track of user activities. Which approach would provide the BEST user
A. Provision a Redis cluster in Amazon ElastiCache and save the session data in the cluster.
B. Create a session table in Amazon Redshift and save the session data in the database table.
C. Enable session stickiness in the existing Network Load Balancer and manage the session data in the container.
D. Use an Amazon S3 bucket as a data store and save the session data in the bucket.
Correct Answer: C

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