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Latest Amazon SAA-C01 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

You are implementing AWS Direct Connect. You intend to use AWS public service end points such as
Amazon S3, across the AWS Direct Connect link. You want other Internet traffic to use your existing link to an Internet
Service Provider. What is the correct way to configure AWS Direct connect for access to services such as Amazon S3?
A. Configure a public Interface on your AWS Direct Connect link. Configure a static route via your AWS Direct Connect
link that points to Amazon S3 Advertise a default route to AWS using BGP.
B. Create a private interface on your AWS Direct Connect link. Configure a static route via your AWS Direct connect link
that points to Amazon S3 Configure specific routes to your network in your VPC,
C. Create a public interface on your AWS Direct Connect link. Redistribute BGP routes into your existing routing
infrastructure advertise specific routes for your network to AWS.
D. Create a private interface on your AWS Direct connect link. Redistribute BGP routes into your existing routing
infrastructure and advertise a default route to AWS.
Correct Answer: C


An application is scanning an Amazon DynamoDB table that was created with default settings. The application
occasionally reads stale data when it queries the table.
How can this issue be corrected?
A. Increase the provisioned read capacity of the table.
B. Enable AutoScaling on the DynamoDB table.
C. Update the application to use strongly consistent reads.
D. Re-create the DynamoDB table with eventual consistency disabled.
Correct Answer: C


A company will run different data analytics jobs on large petabyte-scale datasets, using standard SQL and existing
business intelligence tools. The data is mostly structured, but part of the data is unstructured and resides in Amazon S3.
What technology should be used to support this use case?
A. An Amazon Aurora database cluster with 15 replicas distributed across Availability Zones.
B. Amazon Redshift with Amazon Redshift Spectrum.
C. Amazon DynamoDB with Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX).
D. Amazon ElastiCache for Redis with cluster mode enabled.
Correct Answer: B
For data warehousing, Amazon Redshift provides the ability to run complex, analytic queries against petabytes of
structured data, and includes Redshift Spectrum that runs SQL queries directly against Exabytes of structured or
unstructured data in S3 without the need for unnecessary data movement.


A Solutions Architect has five web servers serving requests for a domain.
Which of the following Amazon Route 53 routing policies can distribute traffic randomly among all healthy web servers?
A. Simple
B. Failover
C. Weighted
D. Multivalue Answer
Correct Answer: D


An organization is currently hosting a large amount of frequently accessed data consisting of key-value pairs and semistructured documents in their data center. They are planning to move this data to AWS. Which of one of the following services MOST effectively meets their needs?
A. Amazon Redshift
B. Amazon RDS
C. Amazon DynamoDB
D. Amazon Aurora
Correct Answer: C


For each DB Instance class, what is the maximum size of associated storage capacity?
A. 5GB
B. 1TB
C. 6TB
D. 500GB
Correct Answer: C
“You can now create MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle RDS database instances with up to 6TB of storage and SQL
Server RDS database instances with up to 4TB of storage when using the Provisioned IOPS and General Purpose
(SSD) storage types. Existing MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle RDS database instances can be scaled to these new
database storage limits without any downtime.”


A Solutions Architect is developing a new web application on AWS. The Architect expects the application to become
very popular, so the application must scale to support the load. The Architect wants to focus on software development
and deploying new features without provisioning or managing instances.
What solution is appropriate?
A. Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda
B. Elastic Load Balancing with Auto Scaling groups and Amazon EC2
C. Amazon API Gateway and Amazon EC2
D. Amazon CloudFront and AWS Lambda
Correct Answer: D


A Solutions Architect is building an application on AWS that will require 20,000 IOPS on a particular volume to support a
media event. Once the event ends, the IOPS need is no longer required. The marketing team asks the Architect to build
the platform to optimize storage without incurring downtime.
How should the Architect design the platform to meet these requirements?
A. Change the Amazon EC2 instant types.
B. Change the EBS volume type to Provisioned IOPS.
C. Stop the Amazon EC2 instance and provision IOPS for the EBS volume.
D. Enable an API Gateway to change the endpoints for the Amazon EC2 instances.
Correct Answer: B

An application stores data in an Amazon RDS PostgreSQL Multi-AZ database instance. The ratio of reading requests to
write requests is about 2 to 1. Recent increases in traffic are causing very high latency. How can this problem be
A. Create a similar RDS PostgreSQL instance and direct all traffic to it.
B. Use the secondary instance of the Multiple Availability Zone to read traffic only.
C. Create a read replica and send half of all traffic to it.
D. Create a read replica and send all read traffic to it.
Correct Answer: D


A Solutions Architect is working on a PCI-compliant architecture that needs to call an external service provider\\’s API.
The external provider requires IP whitelisting to verify the calling party. How should the Solutions Architect provide the
external party with the IP addresses for whitelisting?
A. Use an API Gateway in proxy mode, and provide the API Gateway\\’s IP address to the external service provider.
B. Associate a public elastic network interface to a published stage/endpoint in API Gateway, exposing the AWS
Lambda function, and provide the IP address for the public network interface to the external party to whitelist.
C. Deploy the Lambda function in private subnets and route outbound traffic through a NAT gateway. Provide the NAT
gateway\\’s Elastic IP address to the external service provider.
D. Provide the external party the allocated AWS IP address range for Lambda functions and send change notifications
by using a subscription to the AmazonIpSpaceChanged SNS topic.
Correct Answer: C


A retail company runs hourly flash sales and has a performance issue on its Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL database.
The Database Administrators have identified that the issue with performance happens when finance and marketing
employees refresh sales dashboards that are used for reporting real-time sales data.
What should be done to resolve the issue without impacting performance?
A. Create a Read Replica of the RDS PostgreSQL database and point the dashboards at the Read Replica.
B. Move data from the RDS PostgreSQL database to Amazon Redshift nightly and point the dashboards at Amazon
C. Monitor the database with Amazon CloudWatch and increase the instance size, as necessary. Make no changes to
the dashboards.
D. Take an hourly snapshot of the RDS PostgreSQL database and load the hourly snapshots to another database to
which the dashboards are pointed to.
Correct Answer: A


A Solutions Architect notices slower response times from an application. The CloudWatch metrics on the MySQL RDS
indicate Read IOPS are high and fluctuate significantly when the database is under load. How should the database
environment be re-designed to resolve the IOPS fluctuation?
A. Change the RDS instance type to get more RAM.
B. Change the storage type to Provisioned IOPS.
C. Scale the webserver tier horizontally.
D. Split the DB layer into separate RDS instances.
Correct Answer: B


How can a user track memory usage in an EC2 instance?
A. Call Amazon CloudWatch to retrieve the memory usage metric data that exists for the EC2 instance.
B. Assign an IAM role to the EC2 instance with an IAM policy granting access to the desired metric.
C. Use an instance type that supports memory usage reporting to a metric by default.
D. Place an agent on the EC2 instance to push memory usage to an Amazon CloudWatch custom metric.
Correct Answer: D

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