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Latest Oracle 1Z0-1050 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

When submitting a payroll flow, who is the owner of a task if no one has been indicated within the payroll flow
A. The user that submitted the payroll flow
B. Any user with the Payroll Administrator role
C. Any user with the Payroll Manager role
D. Any user with either the Payroll Administrator or Payroll Manager Role
Correct Answer: A


A customer is implementing the two-tier employment model. At what level are payroll run results captured in cloud payroll?
A. Work Relationship and Assignment
B. Payroll Relationship only
C. Payroll Relationship and Assignment
D. Assignment only
Correct Answer: D


You are a payroll customer but when you have created an earnings element using the Manage Elements feature it has
not created a pay value input value. What is the reason for this?
A. The selected extension in Manage Features by Country or Territory was set to “Payroll Interface”.
B. The selected extension in Manage Features by Country or Territory was set to “Human Resources or None”.
C. The earnings element template always creates “Pay Value” as the input value.
D. The selected extension in Manage Features by Country or Territory was set to “Payroll”.
Correct Answer: B


You have a requirement to verify the costing results, such as debit and credit, of a particular payroll run at costing
segments combination level, without manually adding the individual costing results. Which two options achieve this
A. Run the Payroll Costing Report with Summary scope
B. You can use the OTBI – Payroll Run Costing Real Time subject area
C. Run the Payroll Activity Report in Detail scope
D. You cannot achieve this requirement
Correct Answer: AB


What three options should be considered while defining a costing key flexfield structure? (Choose three.)
A. Value sets for the segments
B. Cost hierarchy levels enabled to populate each cost account segment
C. segments required for the offset account
D. GL Accounting key flexfield structure
Correct Answer: ABC


Which costing levels can you enter for an offset account?
A. Job
B. Element Eligibility
C. Department
D. Position
Correct Answer: B


You are testing the retro pay process and enter a retrospective bonus entry for a worker. The bonus is calculated based
on a percentage of the worker\\’s salary. When you review the results of the retro pay process you identify the bonus has
not been included.
Identify two reasons why this is happening. (Choose two.)
A. Retro pay has not been enabled on the bonus element.
B. Bonus element changes are not included in the retroactive event group.
C. Retro pay has not been enabled on the salary element.
D. Element entry changes are not included in the retroactive event group.
Correct Answer: AB


Your customer has the finance system in a third party system and you have to send the payroll costing entries to a third
party system. Which two options can be used to extract the data from the Cloud Payroll system?
A. You cannot extract the costing results from cloud payroll to send it to a third-party financial system.
B. You can use the OTBI
Correct Answer: BC


Your customer\\’s requirement is to pay employees within each of their three business units from a different bank
account. Which three setup steps should you complete? (Choose three.)
A. Write a formula to retrieve the employee’s business unit details.
B. Create a Default Payer Element with a Payment Criteria input value.
C. Create one organization payment method with three payments sources and define three payment method rules
based on each business unit.
D. Create three organization payment methods each with a different payment source.
Correct Answer: BCD


You defined the department costing information after the Calculate Payroll process is run that creates the costing results
also. You noticed that the department costing information is not created for the employees who are in that department.
What should you do to ensure the department costing information is reflected for those employees without rolling back
and rerunning the Calculate Payroll?
A. You roll back only the costing process and rerun it.
B. You run the Calculate Retroactive Costing process to recalculate costs for retroactive changes to costing setups.
C. You cannot rectify the costing results after they are created.
D. You do adjustments in General Ledger because you cannot do changes in the costing results.
Correct Answer: B


Which two delivered reports can be used to view the results of a payroll run immediately after running the Calculate
Payroll process? (Choose two.)
A. Payroll Balance Report
B. Payroll Register Report
C. Payroll Activity Report
D. Payment Register Report
Correct Answer: AC


Which option represents the costing hierarchy necessary to build a cost account when the element costing is defined
with costing type as “Costed”?
A. Element Eligibility, Payroll, Department, Job or Position, Person, Element Entry
B. Payroll, Element Eligibility, Department, Job, Position, Person Person Element, Element Entry
C. Payroll, Department, Job or Position, Element Eligibility, Person, Element Entry
D. Payroll, Person Element Entry, Department, Job or Position, Person, Element Eligibility
Correct Answer: B


The customer requires that a team of payroll clerks be able to view the output of a task submitted by another user.
Which Owner Type should be configured against the task?
A. All
B. User
C. Active Users
D. Group
Correct Answer: B

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