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Latest Oracle 1Z0-1080-20 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

Which two tasks can be scheduled as a job in Planning? (Choose two.)
A. Import or export data
B. Create snapshots
C. Promote a Planning Unit
D. Execute Data Maps
Correct Answer: AC


Which two statements are true regarding the creation and management of business rules in module-based Planning?
(Choose two.)
A. Pre-defined business rules for modules may be modified but may be ignored after an application upgrade.
B. Custom business rules for modules can only be created using the graphical designer.
C. Custom business rules can be created for each module.
D. Modules cannot use regular business rules. Instead, they must be scripted using Groovy.
Correct Answer: BC


Which statement is true when executing a lifecycle management migration? Choose the best answer.
A. Restoring Essbase data from a snapshot will remove any data that doesn\\’t exist in the backup.
B. Importing Dimensions will remove members that do not exist in the snapshot.
C. Selected slices of data can be imported into Essbase.
D. All forms that do not exist in the snapshot will be deleted.
Correct Answer: C


Which three statements are TRUE for Sandboxes? (Choose three.)
A. After you enable sandboxes for a cube, you can later disable that option.
B. You can enable sandboxes for all Planning cubes and Reporting cubes.
C. If you enable sandboxes for a cube, Version members have the Enable Sandboxes option.
D. You can enable sandboxes only in Planning cubes and for custom cubes created in module-based Planning, not for
Reporting cubes.
E. After you enable sandboxes for a cube, you can\\’t later disable that option.
Correct Answer: CDE


What three tasks can you perform in the Data Management Workbench? (Choose three.)
A. Export
B. Validate
C. Maintain Process Tables
D. Import
E. Delete Integration
Correct Answer: ABD


Whenever you change dimensionality in a target cube, what action on the Data Maps page must you take to ensure that
you see metadata changes immediately? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Select the corresponding data map, and Refresh the Database.
B. Select the corresponding data map and execute the Synchronize Defaults Business.
C. Select the corresponding data map, and Synchronize to refresh the data,
D. Select the corresponding data map and execute the Synchronize Components Business Rule.
Correct Answer: A


Which REST API method would be used to execute a job in Planning? (Choose the best answer.)
Correct Answer: B


Which three artifacts can be imported from a flat-file? (Choose three.)
A. Exchange Rate Tables
B. Smart Lists
C. Linked Reporting Objects
D. Cell Text
E. Dimensions
Correct Answer: ABE


In Strategic Modeling Simulations, what are the three guidelines for selecting the appropriate probability distribution?
(Choose three.)
A. Select the distribution where the conditions of the distribution match those of the input.
B. Randomly generate a range of values for assumptions and enter the best guess estimates one cell at a time.
C. Evaluate the input in question and list the conditions surrounding this input.
D. Review the descriptions of the probability distributions.
E. Use the Monte Carlo method to best guess your probability distribution options based on a range of assumptions.
Correct Answer: ACD

Which three describe what you can do with Valid Intersections? (Choose three.)
A. specify that certain programs are valid only for some periods or departments.
B. restrict cells containing invalid data, setting them to a read-only state within forms.
C. filter cell intersections to users when they enter data or select runtime prompts
D. prevent the user from executing any type of Calculation Manager rule that uses runtime prompts
E. allows all users to select from a non-filtered list of members on the form\\’s point of view
Correct Answer: ACE


What three-time period management tasks can you perform in Strategic Modeling? (Choose three.)
A. Combine periods of years, halves, quarters, months, and weeks for historical forecast data.
B. Configure time periods to reflect the detail required by financial models, such as different levels of granularity for
different years.
C. Enable the input option for upper-level time periods when you add time detail.
D. Create period-to-date, trailing periods, deal periods, and sub-periods to record transactions.
E. Select and combine periods of years, halves, quarters, months, and weeks for the beginning balance year.
Correct Answer: ACE
Reference: (7-30, 7-31)


When loading Salaries into Workforce, which Property should the values be loaded to? (Choose the best answer.)
A. OWP_Gross Earnings
B. OWP_Salary Basis
C. OWP_Value
D. OWP_Expense Amount
Correct Answer: B
The salary basis specifies the frequency of the amount sent to payroll and stored as salary, such as annual or hourly
amount. It also specifies the payroll element and input value that feeds the salary to payroll and the grade rate that
provides the salary range.


Which three are use cases for data maps? (Choose three.)
A. To allow users to drill back to the data in a different cube.
B. To integrate data between custom plan types and Planning modules
C. To integrate data between Planning modules
D. To push data from a planning cube to a reporting cube
E. To create a replicated partition between cubes
Correct Answer: ABC

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