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Latest Scrum PSM-i Exam Practice Questions and Answers

Which outcome is expected as Scrum Teams mature?
A. They will improve their definition of “Done” to include more stringent criteria.
B. The Sprint Retrospectives will grow to be longer than 4 hours.
C. There is no need for a time-boxed Sprint, since time-boxes are only for new Scrum Teams.
D. Sprint Reviews will no longer be needed.
E. A Scrum Master is no longer needed since they are a mature team now.
Correct Answer: A


Which two things are appropriate for a Scrum Master to do if the Development Team doesn\\’t have the engineering
tools and infrastructure to completely finish each selected Product Backlog item? (Choose two.)
A. Coach the Development Team to improve its skills, tools, and infrastructure over time and adjust the Definition of
“Done” accordingly.
B. Encourage the Product Owner to accept partially “Done” increments until the situation improves.
C. Refocus the current Sprint on establishing the Development Team\\’s infrastructure instead of delivering an
D. Declare the Development Team not ready for Scrum.
E. Have the Development Team establish a Definition of “Done” that is actually possible to achieve given current
Correct Answer: AE


What does it mean for a Development Team to be cross-functional?
A. The Development Team includes not only developers but also business analysts, architects, and testers.
B. The Development Team includes cross-skilled individuals who are able to contribute to do what is necessary to
deliver an increment of software.
C. Developers on the Development Team work closely with business analysts, architects, developers and testers who
are not on the team.
D. The Development Team is a virtual team drawing from separate teams of business analysts, architects, developers
and testers.
Correct Answer: B


What is the purpose of a Sprint Review?
A. To take time to judge the validity of the project.
B. To inspect the product increment with the stakeholders and collect feedback on next steps.
C. To review the Scrum Team\\’s activities and processes during the Sprint.
D. To build team sprint.
Correct Answer: B


The Daily Scrum is an event that happens every day. What would be three key concerns if the frequency were to be
lowered to every two or three days? (Choose three.)
A. Opportunities to insect and adapt the Sprint Backlog are lost.
B. Impediments are raised and resolved more slowly.
C. The Product Owner cannot accurately report progress to the stakeholders.
D. Too much work is spent updating the Scrum board before the meeting.
E. The Scrum Master loses the ability to update the Gantt chart properly.
F. The Sprint plan may become inaccurate.
Correct Answer: ABF


What is included in the Sprint Backlog?
A. User Stories.
B. Tasks.
C. Use Cases.
D. Tests.
E. Any of the above (or others) which are a decomposition of the selected Product Backlog items.
Correct Answer: E

What are three benefits of self-organization? (Choose three.)
A. Increased creativity.
B. Increased rule compliance.
C. Increased accuracy of estimates.
D. Increased self-accountability
E. Increased commitment.
Correct Answer: ADE


The Scrum Master observes the Product Owner struggling with ordering the Product Backlog. What is an appropriate
action for the Scrum Master to take?
A. Suggest the Product Owner extend the Sprint, so he can have more time to order the Product Backlog.
B. Suggest that the Development Team does the ordering to be sure that it is a feasible ordering of work.
C. Offer the Product Owner help in understanding that the goal of ordering the Product Backlog is to maximize value.
D. Present the Product Owner with an ordered Product Backlog to use.
E. Encourage the Product Owner to work with the Development Team to see which items technically are fastest to
Correct Answer: B


Which two of the following are true about the Scrum Master role? (Choose two.)
A. At the Sprint Review, the Scrum Master identifies what has been “done” and what has not been “done”.
B. The Scrum Master teaches the Development Team to keep the Scrum meetings to their time-box.
C. The Scrum Master helps those outside the team interact with the Scrum Team.
D. The Scrum Master assigns tasks to Development Team members when they need work.
E. The Scrum Master is responsible for updating the Sprint Burndown.
Correct Answer: BD


When is it most appropriate for a Development Team to change the definition of “Done”?
A. During Spring Planning.
B. Prior to starting a new Sprint.
C. During the Sprint Retrospective.
D. Prior to starting a new project.
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following are true about the length of the Sprint? (Choose two.)
A. The length of the Sprint should be proportional to the work that is done in between Sprints.
B. It is best to have Sprints of consistent length throughout a development effort.
C. Sprint length is determined during Sprint Planning, and should hold the time it will take to code the planned features
in the upcoming Sprint, but does not include time for any testing.
D. Sprint length is determined during Sprint Planning, and should be long enough to make sure the Development Team
can deliver what is to be accomplished in the upcoming Sprint.
E. All Sprints must be 1 month or less.
Correct Answer: BE


Scrum has a role called “Project Manager”.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B


Which two things should the Development Team do during the first Sprint? (Choose two.)
A. Make up a plan for the rest of the project.
B. Analyze, describe, and document the requirements for the subsequent Sprints.
C. Develop at least one piece of functionality.
D. Analyze, design, and describe the complete architecture and infrastructure.
E. Create an increment of potentially releasable software.
Correct Answer: CE

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