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Latest Scrum PSM-I Exam Practice Questions and Answers

How should a Development Team deal with non-functional requirements?
A. Ensure every Increment meets them.
B. Make sure the release department understands these requirements, but it is not the Development Team\\’s
C. Handle them during the Integration Sprint preceding the Release Sprint.
D. Assign them to the lead developers on the team.
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following are true about the Product Owner role? (Choose two.)
A. The Product Owner is one person.
B. The Product Owner is accountable for ordering the Product Backlog.
C. Multiple people can share the Product Owner role on a Scrum Team.
D. The Product Owner role can be played by a committee or a team of people.
Correct Answer: AB


The Sprint Review is mainly an inspect and adapt opportunity for which group?
A. The Development Team and stakeholders.
B. The Product Owner and Development Team.
C. The Scrum Team and stakeholders.
D. The Product Owner and management.
E. The Development Team and management.
F. The Product Owner and stakeholders.
Correct Answer: C


A Product Owner wants advice from the Scrum Master about estimating work in Scrum. Which of these is the guideline
that a Scrum Master should give?
A. Product Backlog items must be estimated in story points.
B. Estimates are made by the Development Team.
C. Estimates must be in relative units.
D. Scrum forbids estimating.
E. Estimates are made by the Product Owner, but are best checked with the Development Team.
Correct Answer: B


How much work must a Development Team do to a Product Backlog item it selects for a Sprint?
A. A proportional amount of time on analysis, design, programming, testing, and documentation.
B. As much as it can fit into the Sprint. Any remaining work will be transferred to a subsequent Sprint.
C. All development work and at least some testing.
D. As much as it has told the Product Owner will be done for every Product Backlog item it selects in conformance with
the definition of “Done”.
Correct Answer: D


During a Sprint Retrospective, the Development Team proposes moving the Daily Scrum to only occur on Tuesdays and
Thursdays. Which two are the most appropriate responses for the Scrum Master? (Choose two.)
A. Consider the request and decide on which days the Daily Scrum should occur.
B. Coach the team on why the Daily Scrum is important as an opportunity to update the plan.
C. Have the developers vote.
D. Learn why the Development Team wants this and work with them to improve the outcome of the Daily Scrum.
E. Acknowledge and support the self-organizing team\\’s decision.
Correct Answer: BD


Multiple Scrum Teams working on the same product or system all select work from the same Product Backlog.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A


Who starts the Daily Scrum?
A. The person coming in last. This encourages people to be on time and helps to stay within the time-box.
B. Whoever the Development Team decides should start.
C. The person who has the token.
D. The Scrum Master. This ensures that the Development Team has the meeting and stays within the time-box.
E. The person who last broke the build.
Correct Answer: B


What enhances the transparency of an increment?
A. Doing all work needed to meet the definition of “Done”
B. Reporting Sprint progress to the stakeholders daily
C. Keeping track of and estimating all undone work to be completed in a separate Sprint.
D. Updating Sprint tasks properly in the electronic tracking tool.
Correct Answer: A


Which output from Sprint Planning provides the Development Team with a target and overarching direction for the
A. The Sprint Backlog.
B. The Sprint Goal
C. The release plan.
D. Sprint Review minutes.
Correct Answer: B

During a Sprint Retrospective, for what is the Product Owner responsible?
A. Participating as a Scrum Team member.
B. Summarizing and reporting the discussions to the stakeholders that he/she represents in the Scrum Team.
C. Capturing requirements for the Product Backlog.
D. The Product Owner should not take part in Sprint Retrospectives.
Correct Answer: A


A Scrum Master is essentially the same thing as a traditional PM (Project Manager).
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B


What is the role of management in Scrum?
A. To facilitate the Scrum Teams with insights and resources that help them improve.
B. To monitor the Development Team\\’s productivity.
C. To identify and remove people that aren\\’t working hard enough.
D. To continually monitor staffing levels of the Development Team.
Correct Answer: A

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