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Latest VMware 2v0-21.19 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

A vSphere administrator wants to ensure provisioned virtual machine storage objects are allocated to guarantee a
service level agreement. Which feature would accomplish this?
A. Storage policy
B. VAIO Filtering
C. Storage I/O Control
D. Storage DRS
Correct Answer: D


The VM storage policy compliance status is out of date.
Which step should the administrator take to maintain compliance with the existing storage policy?
A. Change the service level capability.
B. Assign a new storage policy.
C. Reapply the storage policy.
D. Migrate VM to another host.
Correct Answer: C


A vSphere administrator wants to deploy a new vCenter Server 6.7 with an embedded Platform Services Controller in
the environment. What is the advantage of this deployment?
A. VC and PSC are local to each other.
B. Fewer services run on the VC
C. Fewer services run on the PSC
D. VCHA is not needed.
Correct Answer: A

An administrator manages a team that regularly deploys many similar Windows VMs in the environment. Which action
should be taken to improve the efficiency of this process?
A. take VM snapshots
B. use the New Virtual Machine wizard
C. deploy from a VM template
D. restore from a VM backup
Correct Answer: C


An administrator is unable to use the vSphere Client shutdown option on a Windows VM. What should be installed to
correct this?
A. Autologin
B. Windows Updates
C. PortMon
D. VMware Tools
Correct Answer: D


A vSphere Administrator is receiving complaints a database VM is experiencing performance issues. The VM is a
member of the high priority resource pool and the cluster has not experienced contention. Which condition should be
checked to address immediate performance concerns?
A. VM snapshots
B. VMFS version
C. Resource Pool share value
D. Configured CPU shares
Correct Answer: C


A user asks for a VM to be deployed that must remain on the same host at all times. How should DRS be configured for
the VM?
A. Use cluster settings
B. Partially Automated
C. Fully Automated
D. Disabled
Correct Answer: D


Which vSphere APIs support storage hardware acceleration?
A. vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA)
B. vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO)
C. VMware vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP)
D. VMware vSphere Storage APIs Array Integration (VAAI)
Correct Answer: D


An administrator is planning maintenance for a cluster with the following configuration:
DRS is fully automated
Dedicated 10GbE vMotion network
iSCSI storage with CHAP
When a host is placed into maintenance mode, what is the maximum number of supported concurrent vMotion
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 10
Correct Answer: C


What are the two advantages of deploying a VDS as compared to a VSS? (Choose two.)
A. Data center setup and administration are simplified by centralizing network configuration.
B. There is IPv6 support for a VDS.
C. 802.1Q tagging support is available.
D. Uplinks are allowed to be configured in an Active/Standby configuration.
E. Ports migrate with their clients.
Correct Answer: AE


Which setting should be used to exclude one hard disk from VM snapshots?
A. Thin Provision disk type
B. Dependent disk mode
C. Independent disk mode
D. Passthrough device mode
Correct Answer: C


What is the benefit of using Allow Quick Boot during host updates on supported hardware?
A. reduces host remediation time
B. enhances VM migration time
C. creates a restart priority sequence
D. enables host PXE boot
Correct Answer: A

A vSphere Administrator configures Quick Boot to restart an ESXi host without rebooting the physical hardware. In order
to troubleshoot any ESXi Quick Boot issues which log file needs to be reviewed?]
A. vmkeventd.log
B. vmkernel.log
C. vpxa.log
D. loadESX.log
Correct Answer: D

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