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Latest Update Amazon DVA-C01 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

What does an Amazon SQS delay queue accomplish?
A. Messages are hidden for a configurable amount of time when they are first added to the queue.
B. Messages are hidden for a configurable amount of time after they are consumed from the queue.
C. The consumer can poll the queue for a configurable amount of time before retrieving a message.
D. Message cannot be deleted for a configurable amount of time after they are consumed from the queue.
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSSimpleQueueService/latest/SQSDeveloperGuide/sqsdelayqueues.html


An application displays a status dashboard. The status is updated by 1 KB messages from an SQS queue.
Although the status changes infrequently, the Developer must minimize the time between the message
arrives in the queue and the dashboard update.
What technique provides the shortest delay in updating the dashboard?
A. Retrieve the messages from the queue using long polling every 20 seconds.
B. Reduce the size of the messages by compressing them before sending.
C. Retrieve the messages from the queue using short polling every 10 seconds.
D. Reduce the size of each message payload by sending it in two parts.
Correct Answer: A


What is required to trace Lambda-based applications with AWS X-Ray?
A. Send logs from the Lambda application to an S3 bucket; trigger a Lambda function from the bucket to send data to
AWS X-Ray.
B. Trigger a Lambda function from the application logs in Amazon CloudWatch to submit tracing data to AWS X-Ray.
C. Use an IAM execution role to give the Lambda function permissions and enable tracing.
D. Update and add AWS X-Ray daemon code to relevant parts of the Lambda function to set up the trace.
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lambda/latest/dg/services-xray.html


A Developer is making changes to a custom application that is currently using AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
After the Developer completes the changes, what solutions will update the Elastic Beanstalk environment with the new
application version? (Choose two.)
A. Package the application code into a .zip file, and upload, then deploy the packaged application from the AWS
Management Console
B. Package the application code into a .tar file, create a new application version from the AWS Management Console,
then update the environment by using AWS CLI
C. Package the application code into a .tar file, and upload and deploy the packaged application from the AWS
Management Console
D. Package the application code into a .zip file, create a new application version from the packaged application by using
AWS CLI, then update the environment by using AWS CLI
E. Package the application code into a .zip file, create a new application version from the AWS Management Console,
then rebuild the environment by using AWS CLI
Correct Answer: CD


A developer is building an AWS Lambda function that will dynamically generate and send a weekly newsletter to
100.000 users This newsletter contains both static text and images The developer needs a fast and highly scalable
a place to store the images that will be hyperlinked in the newsletter Where should the developer store these images?
A. Use an Amazon DynamoDB table with DynamoDB Streams and read capacity autoscaling enabled
B. Use an Amazon S3 bucket and S3 Transfer Acceleration to speed up the image download
C. Use an Amazon Aurora database with a public DNS endpoint and auto-scaling enabled
D. Use an Amazon S3 backed Amazon CloudFront distribution with a high Time-to-Live (TTL) to maximize caching
Correct Answer: D


A company is creating an application that will require users to access AWS services and allow them to reset their own
Which of the following would allow the company to manage users and authorization while allowing users to reset their
own passwords?
A. Amazon Cognito identify pools and AWS STS
B. Amazon Cognito identity pools and AWS IAM
C. Amazon Cognito user pools and AWS KMS
D. Amazon Cognito user pools and identity pools
Correct Answer: D


A Developer must re-implement the business logic for an order fulfillment system. The business logic has to make
requests to multiple vendors to decide where to purchase an item. The whole process can take up to a week to
What is the MOST efficient and SIMPLEST way to implement a system that meets these requirements?
A. Use AWS Step Functions to execute parallel Lambda functions, and join the results.
B. Create an AWS SQS for each vendor, poll the queue from a worker instance, and joint the results.
C. Use AWS Lambda to asynchronously call a Lambda function for each vendor, and join the results.
D. Use Amazon CloudWatch Events to orchestrate the Lambda functions.
Correct Answer: A


A Developer is investigating an application\\’s performance issues. The application consists of hundreds of
microservices, and a single API call can potentially have a deep call stack. The Developer must isolate the component
that is causing the issue.
Which AWS service or feature should the Developer use to gather information about what is happening and isolate the
A. AWS X-Ray
B. VPC Flow Logs
C. Amazon GuardDuty
D. Amazon Macie
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/xray/latest/devguide/xray-concepts.html

An application takes longer than expected to process an Amazon SQS message.
What should the developer do to the application so that other instances do not pick up the same message?
A. Make a ReceiveMessage call to get the same message again from the queue
B. Issue a DeleteMessage call to delete the message from the queue
C. Use SendMessage to pass the message to the dead letter queue
D. Send a ChangeMessageVisibility call to extend VisibilityTimeout
Correct Answer: A


A Developer is storing sensitive documents in Amazon S3 that will require encryption at rest. The encryption keys must
be rotated annually, at least.
What is the easiest way to achieve this?
A. Encrypt the data before sending it to Amazon S3
B. Import a custom key into AWS KMS with annual rotation enabled
C. Use AWS KMS with automatic key rotation
D. Export a key from AWS KMS to encrypt the data
Correct Answer: C
https://docs.aws.amazon.com/kms/latest/developerguide/rotate-keys.html https://docs.aws.amazon.com/kms/latest/developerguide/custom-key-store-overview.html
You can use the same techniques to view and manage the CMKs in your custom key store that you use for CMKs in the
AWS KMS key store. You can control access with IAM and key policies, create tags and aliases, enable and disable the
CMKs, and schedule key deletion. You can use the CMKs for cryptographic operations and use them with AWS
services that integrate with AWS KMS. However, you cannot enable automatic key rotation and you cannot import key
material into a CMK in a custom key store.
Q: Can I rotate my keys? Yes. You can choose to have AWS KMS automatically rotate CMKs every year, provided that
those keys were generated within AWS KMS HSMs. Automatic key rotation is not supported for imported keys,
asymmetric keys, or keys generated in an AWS CloudHSM cluster using the AWS KMS custom key store feature. If you
choose to import keys to AWS KMS or asymmetric keys or use a custom key store, you can manually rotate them by
creating a new CMK and mapping an existing key alias from the old CMK to the new CMK.


A Developer is writing transactions into a DynamoDB table called “SystemUpdates” that has 5 write capacity units.
Which option has the highest read throughput?
A. Eventually consistent reads of 5 read capacity units reading items that are 4 KB in size
B. Strongly consistent reads of 5 read capacity units reading items that are 4 KB in size
C. Eventually consistent reads of 15 read capacity units reading items that are 1 KB in size
D. Strongly consistent reads of 15 read capacity units reading items that are 1 KB in size
Correct Answer: B


The Lambda function below is being called through an API using Amazon API Gateway. The average execution time for
the Lambda function is about 1 second. The pseudocode for the Lambda function is as shown in the exhibit.[2021.3] lead4pass dva-c01 practice test q12

What two actions can be taken to improve the performance of this Lambda function without increasing the cost of the
solution? (Select two.)
A. Package only the modules the Lambda function requires
B. Use Amazon DynamoDB instead of Amazon RDS
C. Move the initialization of the variable Amazon RDS connection outside of the handler function
D. Implement custom database connection pooling with the Lambda function
E. Implement local caching of Amazon RDS data so Lambda can re-use the cache
Correct Answer: AC


How can software determine the public and private IP addresses of the Amazon EC2 instance that it is running on?
A. Query the appropriate Amazon CloudWatch metric.
B. Use ipconfig or ifconfig command.
C. Query the local instance user data.
D. Query the local instance metadata.
Correct Answer: D
https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/instancedata-data-categories.html Data: local hostname
Descriptions: The private IPv4 DNS hostname of the instance. In cases where multiple network interfaces are present,
this refers to the eth0 device (the device for which the device number is 0). Data: public-ipv4 Descriptions: The public
IPv4 address. If an Elastic IP address is associated with the instance, the value returned is the Elastic IP address.

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