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Latest Update Amazon SOA-C01 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

A user has launched an EC2 instance from an instance store backed by AMI. The infrastructure team wants to create an
AMI from the running instance. Which of the below-mentioned steps will not be performed while creating the AMI?
A. Define the AMI launch permissions
B. Upload the bundled volume
C. Register the AMI
D. Bundle the volume
Correct Answer: A
When the user has launched an EC2 instance from an instance store backed AMI, it will need to follow
certain steps, such as “Bundling the root volume”, “Uploading the bundled volume” and “Register the AMI”.
Once the AMI is created the user can set up the launch permission. However, it is not required to set up
during the launch.


What is Amazon CloudFront?
A. A global Content Delivery Network
B. An encrypted endpoint to upload files to the Cloud
C. A web service to schedule regular data movement
D. A development front-end to Amazon Web Services
Correct Answer: A
Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service that accelerates delivery of your
websites, APIs, video content, or other web assets through CDN caching. It integrates with other Amazon
Web Services products to give developers and businesses an easy way to accelerate content to end-users
with no minimum usage commitments.

A user has launched two EBS backed EC2 instances in the US-East-1a region. The user wants to change the zone of
one of the instances. How can the user change it?
A. Stop one of the instances and change the availability zone
B. The zone can only be modified using the AWS CLI
C. From the AWS EC2 console, select the Actions – > Change zones and specify the new zone
D. Create an AMI of the running instance and launch the instance in a separate AZ
Correct Answer: D
Explanation: With AWS EC2, when a user is launching an instance he can select the availability zone (AZ. at the time of
launch. If the zone is not selected, AWS selects it on behalf of the user. Once the instance is launched, the user cannot
change the zone of that instance unless he creates an AMI of that instance and launches a new instance from it.


EBS (Elastic Block Store) can be best described as:
A. persistent internet storage.
B. persistent block storage.
C. transient instance storage.
D. transient block storage.
Correct Answer: B
Explanation: Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) provides block-level (file system type) storage volumes for use
with Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon EBS volumes are highly available and reliable storage volumes that can be
attached to any running instance that is in the same Availability Zone. Amazon EBS volumes that are attached to an
Amazon EC2 instances are exposed as storage volumes that persist independently from the life of the instance.


In IAM, a policy has to include information about who (user) is allowed to access the resource, known as the _____.
A. permission
B. role
C. license
D. principal
Correct Answer: D
Explanation: To specify resource-based permissions, you can attach a policy to the resource, such as an Amazon SNS
topic, an Amazon S3 bucket, or an Amazon Glacier vault. In that case, the policy has to include information about who
is allowed to access the resource, known as the principal. (For user-based policies, the principal is the IAM user that the
policy is attached to or the user who gets the policy from a group.) Reference:


Does AWS offer any web-based graphic user interface to access and manage EC2 instances?
A. Yes, the AWS Application Clusters.
B. No, you can only use the available software development kits.
C. Yes, the AWS Management Console.
D. No, you can only use the command-line interface.
Correct Answer: C
You can access and manage Amazon Web Services through a simple and intuitive web-based user
interface known as the AWS Management Console.


A Systems Administrator is planning to deploy multiple EC2 instances within two separate Availability Zones in the same AwS Region. The instances cannot be exposed to the Internet but must be able to exchange traffic between one
another. The data does not need to be encrypted.
What solution meets these requirements while maintaining the lowest cost?
A. Create two private subnets within the same VPC. Communicate between instances using their private IP addresses
B. Create 2 public subnets within the same VPC. Communicate between instances using their public IP addresses
C. Create 2 separate VPCs, one for each Availability Zone. Create a private subnet within each VPC. Create a static
route table pointing the destination CIDR to the other VPC
D. Create 2 separate VPCs, one for each Availability Zone, and create a public subnet in each. Deploy a VPN appliance
within each VPC and establish a VPN tunnel between them. Communicate between instances by routing traffic through
the VPN appliances
Correct Answer: D

A Development team has an application stack consisting of many OS dependencies and language runtime
dependencies. When deploying the application to production, the most important factor is how quickly the instance is
What deployment methodology should be used to update the running environments to meet the requirement?
A. Use fully baked AMIs (“golden images”) created after each successful build, creating a new Auto Scaling group, and
blue/green deployments with rollbacks.
B. Use user-data scripts to configure the instance correctly on boot by installing all dependencies when needed.
C. Use an AWS Lambda function to only update the application locally on each instance, then re-attach it to the load
balancer when the process complete.
D. Use AWS OpsWorks scripts to execute on a reboot of each instance to install all known dependencies, then re-attach
the instances to the load balancer.
Correct Answer: A


A SysOps Administrator is creating an Amazon EC2 instance and has received an InsufficientInstanceCapacityerror.
What is the cause of the error and how can it be corrected?
A. AWS does not currently have enough capacity to service the request for that instance type. A different Availability
Zone or instance type must be used.
B. The account has reached its concurrent running instance limit. An EC2 limit increase request must be filed with AWS
C. The APIs that service the EC2 requests have received too many requests and capacity has been reached. The
request should be attempted again in a few minutes.
D. The Administrator did not specify the correct size of the instance to support the capacity requirements of the
workload. Select a bigger instance.
Correct Answer: A


The Amazon Linux AMI is:
A. a simple OS installation media.
B. an instance package provided by AWS.
C. a refined, easy-to-use, up-to-date Linux desktop distribution.
D. a supported and maintained Linux image provided by AWS.
Correct Answer: D
Explanation: The Amazon Linux AMI is a supported and maintained Linux image provided by AWS. It is updated on a
regular basis to include the latest components, and these updates are also made available in the yum repositories for
installation on running instances. The Amazon Linux AMI also Includes packages that enable easy integration with AWS
services, such as the AWS CLI, Amazon EC2 API and AMI tools, the Boto library for Python, and the Elastic Load
Balancing tools. Reference:


Which of the following programming languages is not supported by Amazon\\’s Elastic Beanstalk?
A. Ruby
B. Java
C. Node.js
D. Perl
Correct Answer: D
AWS Elastic Beanstalk web server environment tiers support applications developed in Java,
PHP, .NET, Node.js, Python, and Ruby as well as different container types for each language.
Worker environments are supported for all platforms except. NET.


A SysOps Administrator must find a way to set up alerts when Amazon EC2 service limits are close to being reached.
How can the Administrator achieve this requirement?
A. Use Amazon Inspector and Amazon CloudWatch Events.
B. Use AWS Trusted Advisor and Amazon CloudWatch Events.
C. Use the Personal Health Dashboard and CloudWatch Events.
D. Use AWS CloudTrail and CloudWatch Events.
Correct Answer: D

An organization has created 10 IAM users. The organization wants each of the IAM users to have access to a separate
DynamoDB table. All the users have added to the same group and the organization wants to set up a group-level policy for
this. How can the organization achieve this?
A. Define the group policy and add a condition that allows the access based on the IAM name
B. Create a DynamoDB table with the same name as the IAM user name and define the policy rule which grants access
based on the DynamoDB ARN using a variable
C. Create a separate DynamoDB database for each user and configure a policy in the group based on the DB variable
D. It is not possible to have a group level policy that allows different IAM users to different DynamoDB Tables
Correct Answer: B
AWS Identity and Access Management is a web service that allows organizations to manage users and
user permissions for various AWS services. AWS DynamoDB has only tables and the organization cannot
make separate databases. The organization should create a table with the same name as the IAM user
name and use the ARN of DynamoDB as part of the group policy. The sample policy is shown below:[2021.4] lead4pass soa-c01 practice test q13

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