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Latest Amazon SOA-C01 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

Which of the below mentioned AWS RDS logs cannot be viewed from the console for MySQL?
A. Error Log
B. Slow Query Log
C. Transaction Log
D. General Log
Correct Answer: C
The user can view, download, and watch the database logs using the Amazon RDS console, the Command Line
Interface (CLI., or the Amazon RDS API. For the MySQL RDS, the user can view the error log, slow query log, and
general logs. RDS does not support viewing the transaction logs.


What does Amazon VPC stand for?
A. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
B. Amazon Variable Power Cluster
C. Amazon Virtual Private Computer
D. Amazon Virtual Public Cloud
Correct Answer: A
Amazon VPC stands for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). Amazon VPC lets you provision a logically
isolated section of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud where you can launch AWS resources in a virtual network
that you define. You have complete control over your virtual networking environment, including selection of your own IP
address range, creation of sub-nets, and configuration of route tables and network gateways. You can also create a
hardware Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection between your corporate datacenter and your VPC and lev-erage the
AWS cloud as an extension of your corporate datacenter. Reference:


Your customers are concerned about the security of their sensitive data and their inquiry asks about what happens to
old storage devices on AWS. What would be the best answer to this question?
A. AWS uses a 3rd party security organization to destroy data as part of the decommissioning process.
B. AWS uses the techniques detailed in DoD 5220.22-M to destroy data as part of the decommissioning process.
C. AWS reformats the disks and uses them again.
D. AWS uses its own proprietary software to destroy data as part of the decommissioning process.
Correct Answer: B
When a storage device has reached the end of its useful life, AWS procedures include a decommissioning process that
is designed to prevent customer data from being exposed to unauthorized individuals. AWS uses the techniques
detailed in DoD 5220.22-M (“National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual “) or NIST 800-88 (“Guidelines for
Media Sanitization”) to destroy data as part of the decommissioning process. All decommissioned magnetic storage
devices are degaussed and physically destroyed in accordance with industry-standard practices. Reference:


A user is configuring the Multi-AZ feature of an RDS DB. The user came to know that this RDS DB does not use the
AWS technology, but uses server mirroring to achieve HA. Which DB is the user using right now?
B. Oracle
D. PostgreSQL
Correct Answer: C
Amazon RDS provides high availability and failover support for DB instances using Multi-AZ deployments. In a Multi-AZ
deployment, Amazon RDS automatically provisions and maintains a synchronous standby replica in a different
Availability Zone. Multi-AZ deployments for Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL DB instances use Amazon technology,
while SQL Server (MS SQL. DB instances use SQL Server Mirroring.


A user has created an ELB with Auto Scaling. Which of the below mentioned offerings from ELB helps the user to stop
sending new requests traffic from the load balancer to the EC2 instance when the instance is being deregistered while
continuing in-flight requests?
A. ELB sticky session
B. ELB deregistration check
C. ELB connection draining
D. ELB auto registration Off
Correct Answer: C
The Elastic Load Balancer connection draining feature causes the load balancer to stop sending new requests to the
back-end instances when the instances are deregistering or become unhealthy while ensuring that inflight requests
continue to be served.


EBS (Elastic Block Store) can be best described as:
A. persistent internet storage.
B. persistent block storage.
C. transient instance storage.
D. transient block storage.
Correct Answer: B
Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) provides block-level (file system type) storage volumes for use with Amazon
EC2 instances. Amazon EBS volumes are highly available and reliable storage volumes that can be attached to any
running instance that is in the same Availability Zone. Amazon EBS volumes that are attached to an Amazon EC2 instance is exposed as storage volumes that persist independently from the life of the instance. Reference:


A SysOps Administrator has implemented a VPC network design with the following requirements: Two Availability
Zones (AZs)
Two private subnets
Two public subnets
One internet gateway
One NAT gateway
What would potentially cause applications in the VPC to fail during an AZ outage?
A. A single virtual private gateway, because it can be associated with a single AZ only.
B. A single internet gateway, because it is not redundant across both AZs.
C. A single NAT gateway because it is not redundant across both AZs.
D. The default VPC route table, because it can be associated with a single AZ only.
Correct Answer: D


A user has configured Auto Scaling with the minimum capacity as 2 and the desired capacity as 2. The user is trying to
terminate one of the existing instances with the command:
What will Auto Scaling do in this scenario?
A. Terminates the instance and does not launch a new instance
B. Terminates the instance and updates the desired capacity to 1
C. Terminates the instance and updates the desired capacity and minimum size to 1
D. Throws an error
Correct Answer: D
The Auto Scaling command as-terminate-instance-in-auto-scaling-group will terminate the specific instance ID. The user
is required to specify the parameter as –decrement-desired-capacity. Then Auto Scaling will terminate the instance and
decrease the desired capacity by 1. In this case, since the minimum size is 2, Auto Scaling will not allow the desired
capacity to go below 2. Thus, it will throw an error.


A user is planning to use AWS services for his web application. If the user is trying to set up his own billing management
system for AWS, how can he configure it?
A. Set up programmatic billing access. Download and parse the bill as per the requirement
B. It is not possible for the user to create his own billing management service with AWS
C. Enable the AWS CloudWatch alarm which will provide APIs to download the alarm data
D. Use AWS billing APIs to download the usage report of each service from the AWS billing console
Correct Answer: A
AWS provides an option to have programmatic access to billing. Programmatic Billing Access leverages the existing
Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3. APIs. Thus, the user can build applications that reference his billing data
from a CSV (comma-separated value. a file stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. AWS will upload the bill to the bucket every
few hours and the user can download the bill CSV from the bucket, parse it and create a billing system as per the


A routing table in VPC can be associated with multiple subnets. However, a subnet can be associated with only ______
route table(s) at a time.
A. four
B. two
C. three
D. one
Correct Answer: D
Every subnet in your VPC must be associated with exactly one route table at a time. However, the same route table can
be associated with multiple subnets.


The Security team has decided that there will be no public internet access to HTTP (TCP port 80) because it is moving
to HTTPS for all incoming web traffic. The team has asked a SysOps Administrator to provide a report on any security
groups that are not compliant.
What should the SysOps Administrator do to provide near real-time compliance reporting?
A. Enable AWS Trusted Advisor and show the Security team that the Security Groups unrestricted access check will
B. Schedule an AWS Lambda function to run hourly to scan and evaluate all security groups and send a report to the
Security team.
C. Use AWS Config to enable the restricted-common-ports rule and add port 80 to the parameters.
D. Use Amazon Inspector to evaluate the security groups during scans, and send the completed reports to the Security
Correct Answer: D


You have been asked to automate many routine systems administrator backup and recovery activities. Your current
plan is to leverage AWS-managed solutions as much as possible and automate the rest with the AWS CLI and scripts.
Which task would be best accomplished with a script?
A. Creating daily EBS snapshots with a monthly rotation of snapshots
B. Creating daily RDS snapshots with a monthly rotation of snapshots
C. Automatically detect and stop unused or underutilized EC2 instances
D. Automatically add Auto Scaled EC2 instances to an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
Correct Answer: A


A SysOps Administrator deployed an AWS Elastic Beanstalk worker node environment that reads messages from an
auto-generated Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) queue and deletes them from the queue after
processing. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling scales in and scales out the number of worker nodes based on CPU utilization.
After some time, the Administrator notices that the number of messages in the SQS queue is increasing significantly.
Which action will remediate this issue?
A. Change the scaling policy to scale based upon the number of messages in the queue.
B. Decouple the queue from the Elastic Beanstalk worker node and create it as a separate resource.
C. Increase the number of messages in the queue.
D. Increase the retention period of the queue.
Correct Answer: D
Amazon SQS automatically deletes messages that have been in a queue for longer than the configured retention period.n Reference:

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