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A merchant wants to notify their customer when a product comes back in stock.
Allow Alert when Product Come Back in stock was set to yes in the Magento admin panel but functionality is still not
available to the customers.
What action is required to correct this?

A. Display out of the Stock must be set to yes in the Magento admin panel
B. Allow Alert when Product Price change must be set to yes I the Magento admin panel
C. Displayproduce quality must be set to yes in the Magento admin panel
D. No additional action is required, the functionality will become available after the Catalog product index is updated by schedule



You are setting up a large catalog on Magento Commerce. You have created a category tree arranged with several
levels of depth and assigned each product to the categories it directly belong to.
You also need the product to display on all ancestors of any category to which the product is assigned. You need a
simple solution for this since you expect frequent changes to the catalog structure.
What do you do?

A. Set up Clone Category ID rules with Visual Merchandiser to make each ancestor category copy its decendent
B. Assign each product directly to the correct ancestor categories and update these assignment with future catalog
C. Enable the Anchor flag on each category to automatically include the products from any descedent categories
D. Modify the Category Permissions configuration to allow all categories access to products in decendent categories



A merchant sells low-priced items and has a high average numberof items per order. Once a customer has over five
items in their cart, the mini-cart increases in height and difficult to navigate on module.
How do you improve the mini-cart user experience using native Magento features?

A. Enable mini-cart pagination
B. This requires a customization
C. Disable the min-cart
D. Limit the number of items visible and hide the scrollbar



You are managing a website which has 50 Magento admin users. To comply with PCIcompliance standards, you are
tasked with implementing strong access control measures to restrict access to customer information.
Which Magento feature will help you accomplish this task?

A. reCaptcha
B. Role resources
C. Action fogs
D. IP address whitelisting



A Magento Cloud merchant is planningtheir Black Friday ?Cyber Monday campaigns and wants to see an analysis of
last year\\’s campaigns.
What are two to use Magento Business Intelligence to deliver this analysis?

A. Create a report comparing revenue and discount amounts tor coupons that were promoted during fast years
B. Use the ROI calculator to input last year\\’s holiday an spend and compare it against net revenue
C. Do a server performance check to assess impact of holiday traffic spikes on conversion rate
D. Use the Cohort ReportBuilder lo understand the Lifetime value of holiday-acquired customers vs, other customers



A merchant has two websites, one for the US and one for the EU.
The US website is available in English and Spanish and the EU website is available in English, Spanish
and German.
Maintaining the Spanish product localizations twice is causing a lot of duplicate work for the merchant.
What do you recommend?

A. Create a customization that automatically copies all content from the US Spanish store view to the EU Spanish store
view scope.
B. Use Spanish as the default scope localization instead of English.
C. Use an integration with a product information management system to managethe localizations.
D. Set up Magento so both websites share the Spanish store view



A client wants to integrate their inventory management systems with Magento. Which Magento API is suited to provide the data?

A. GraphQL



A Magento Commercemerchant is running a sale for an upcoming weekend. The merchant will offer 15% off side-wide
and will show the original price and the sale price on each product through the site. The discount will take effect on
Friday at midnight arc end on Monday morning at 9am.
How is this achieved?

A. Schedule an import of Special Prices and o Prices and configure it to run at the appropriate time Schedule another
import to remove the Special Prices.
B. Create a Catalog Price Rule and set Start Time and End Time in the Condition tab
C. Create a Cart Price Rule and a Scheduled Update appropriate start Time and End Time.
D. Create a Catalog Price Rule and a Scheduled Update with the appropriate start Time and End Time.



Your Magento Commerce Cloud Pro merchant has told you they will have a large sale event and expect four to five
times the normal trafficfor three days.
Which solution will eliminate downtime, and allow the infrastructure-to scale for the event in advance?

A. Enable and configure scaling in the Magento cloud control panel
B. Enable and configure scaling in live Cloud section of the Magentoadmin panel
C. Submit a Magento support ticket prior to the relevant Information
D. The cloud environment will auto scale based on the traffic levels



A merchant using Magento Commerce has created a customer group for their B2B customers. Theywould like to show
different related products for the B2B customers that for the B2B customers.
How does the merchant accomplish this?

A. Create a B2B customer segment and an associated Related Product rule
B. Create a shared catalog for B2B customers and assign related products to the catalog
C. Create a Scheduled Update assigned to the B2B Customer\\’ group containing related products
D. Create a Related Product rule for the B2B customer group



A merchant has asked you tomake their site WCAG 2.0 sections A and AA compliant.
What Kind of compliance should the website meet?

A. VAK compliance
B. Accountability Compliance
C. PCI Compliance
D. Accessibility Compliance



Your customer has recently experienced a large uptick in traffic and added a second server. After the new server
wentonline users started reporting they are losing all their products in their cart. After an engineer investigates you are
told the sessions are being written to the file system while the cache is written to Redis.
Which two options will resolve the problem?Choose 2 answers

A. Set your cart to use a custom URL
B. Eliminate the load balancer for HTTPS traffic
C. sessions to save to the database
D. Set sessions to save to REDIS



A merchant would like a promotional content block on thecart which changes by customer segment. the content should only appear when you cart total is $50 or more excluding shipping.
What solution will meet the requirement?

A. Create a widget with a static block assign to a customer price rule.
B. Create a dynamic block and choose the customer segment
C. Create a static block and add it to the layout area for the shopping cart with the customer segment
D. Create a banner, apply the \\’customer segment to the banner and choose the banner price rule

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