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You do not need to specify every required argument in the backend configuration. Omitting certain arguments may be
desirable to avoid storing secrets, such as access keys, within the main configuration. When some or all of the
arguments are omitted, we call this a _.

A. First Time Configuration
B. Default Configuration
C. Changing Configuration
D. Partial Configuration
E. Incomplete Configuration

You do not need to specify every required argument in the backend configuration. Omitting certain arguments may be
desirable to avoid storing secrets, such as access keys, within the main configuration. When some or all of the
arguments are omitted, we call this a partial configuration. With a partial configuration, the remaining configuration
arguments must be provided as part of the initialization process. There are several ways to supply the remaining
Interactively: Terraform will interactively ask you for the required values unless interactive input is disabled. Terraform
will not prompt for optional values.
File: A configuration file may be specified via the init command line. To specify a file, use the – backend-config=PATH
option when running terraforms init. If the file contains secrets it may be kept in a secure data store, such as Vault, in
which case it must be downloaded to the local disk before running Terraform.
Command-line key/value pairs: Key/value pairs can be specified via the init command line. Note that many shells retain
command-line flags in a history file, so this isn\’t recommended for secrets. To specify a single key/value pair, use the
backend-config=”KEY=VALUE” option when running terraform init.


What value does the Terraform Cloud/Terraform Enterprise private module registry provide over the public Terraform
Module Registry?

A. The ability to share modules with public Terraform users and members of Terraform Enterprise Organizations
B. The ability to tag modules by version or release
C. The ability to restrict modules to members of Terraform Cloud or Enterprise organizations
D. The ability to share modules publicly with any user of Terraform

Terraform Registry is an index of modules shared publicly using this protocol. This public registry is the easiest way to
get started with Terraform and find modules created by others in the community. Reference:


Which of the following are string functions? Select three

A. tostring
B. tonumber
C. Chomp
D. format
E. join

tonumber and tostring are Type Conversion function https://www.terraform.io/docs/configuration/functions.html


What features does the hosted service Terraform Cloud provide? (Choose two.)

A. Automated infrastructure deployment visualization
B. Automatic backups
C. Remote state storage
D. A web-based user interface (UI)



Which of the below commands will rename an EC2 instance without destroying and recreating it?

A. terraform state mv
B. terraform mv
C. terraform plan
D. terraform plan mv


When Terraform needs to be installed in a location where it does not have internet access to download the installer and upgrades, the installation is generally known as to be __.

A. a private install
B. disconnected
C. air-gapped
D. non-traditional

A Terraform Enterprise install that is provisioned on a network that does not have Internet access is generally known as
an air-gapped install. These types of installs require you to pull updates, providers, etc. from external sources vs. being
able to download them directly.


What command does Terraform require the first time you run it within a configuration directory?

A. terraform import
B. terraform init
C. terraform plan
D. terraform workspace

The terraform init command is used to initialize a working directory containing Terraform configuration files. Reference:


When using Terraform in a team it is important for everyone to be working with the same state so that operations will be applied to the same remote objects. Which of the below option is a recommended solution for this?

A. Remote State
B. Module
C. Use the cached state and treat this as the record of truth.
D. Workspace



Terraform-specific settings and behaviors are declared in which configuration block type?

A. provider
B. terraform
C. resource
D. data

The special terraform configuration block type is used to configure some behaviors of Terraform itself, such as requiring a minimum Terraform version to apply your configuration.
terraform {
required_version = “> 0.12.0”


What is the best and easiest way for Terraform to read and write secrets from HashiCorp Vault?

A. Vault provider
B. API access using the AppRole auth method
C. integration with a tool like Jenkins
D. CLI access from the same machine running Terraform


If you manually destroy infrastructure, what is the best practice reflecting this change in Terraform?

A. Run terraform refresh
B. It will happen automatically
C. Manually update the state fire
D. Run terraform import


You have recently started a new job at a retailer as an engineer. As part of this new role, you have been tasked with
evaluating multiple outages that occurred during peak shopping time during the holiday season. Your investigation
found that the team is manually deploying new compute instances and configuring each compute instance manually.
This has led to the inconsistent configuration between each compute instance.
How would you solve this using infrastructure as code?

A. Implement a ticketing workflow that makes engineers submit a ticket before manually provisioning and configuring a resource
B. Implement a checklist that engineers can follow when configuring compute instances
C. Replace the compute instance type with a larger version to reduce the number of required deployments
D. Implement a provisioning pipeline that deploys infrastructure configurations committed to your version control system following code reviews


What is the result of the following terraform function call?

A. hello
B. what?
C. goodbye


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